What percentage of your patients are on Medicare?

1-20 percent
11% (20 votes)
21-40 percent
22% (42 votes)
41-60 percent
31% (58 votes)
61-80 percent
23% (43 votes)
More than 80 prercent
13% (25 votes)
Total votes: 188


I deal mostly with nursing home patients who are mainly Medicare with others being Medicare-HMO's, but my office patients are mostly BCBS or other insurances

The percentage of my patients who are Medicare is about 65%. If I get too much more heavily weighted toward that fee schedule (or, God forbid, the Medicaid fee schedule), it will be a financial disaster.

Unfortunately, more and more of the private PPO contract offers I've been receiving recently are offering a straight-Medicare-rates fee schedule, no negotiation, take-it-or-leave-it.

What's everyone else seeing? Where does this end? How much longer before they start trying to CHARGE us for seeing patients instead of PAY us?

John L. Trench III, DPM
Advanced Wound and Limb Care Center
Terre Haute, IN

I refuse all government agencies...it was and is a bad precedent. Nothing is free and using government funds links all docs and institutions that touch it with the possibility of FRAUD!!

Dr Margaret Lawson

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