Walker Boot Offers Array Of Benefits For Patient Comfort

Podiatry Today Staff

Are you looking for a walker boot that offers reliable immobilization, a rocker bottom and a host of features that facilitate patient adherence and comfort?

   One may want to consider the Rebound Air Walker. Ossur, the manufacturer of the device, says one of the device’s key benefits is an integrated air pump and release valve that allow easy inflation and deflation for consistent compression.

    “The Rebound Air Walker has been easy for our staff to fit patients,” notes Arnold S. Beresh, DPM, who is in private practice in Hampton, Newport News and Gloucester, Va. “It has proven easy for our patients to inflate and deflate for wearing comfort.”

   Physicians may employ the Rebound Air Walker in the same manner as any fixed hinge walker, according to Dr. Beresh, a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and the American Society of Podiatric Surgeons. Dr. Beresh has found the Rebound Air Walker to be beneficial in stabilizing sprains and fractures, reducing edema and helping to address tendonitis.

   In addition to the internal pump, other favorable attributes of the Rebound Air Walker include good toe protection and a full rocker bottom, according to Patrick Agnew, DPM, a Past President and Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics.

   The walker has a lightweight outsole, a trimmable toe bumper for additional protection and the aforementioned rocker bottom facilitates safe and comfortable walking, according to Ossur.

   In his experience, Dr. Agnew has found that the Rebound Air Walker provides “excellent tolerance with minimal gait disturbance.”

   Ossur adds that EVA material provides greater shock absorption in the heel of the Rebound Air Walker. The device’s ventilated panels offer enhanced breathability, according to the company. Ossur says the ventilation of the Rebound Air Walker and moisture wicking soft good material help prevent microbial buildup, and increase patient adherence and comfort.

   Another key preventative benefit of the Rebound Air Walker is Flex Edge overmolding, which reportedly adapts and conforms to the individual’s anatomy to help limit the formation of pressure points, according to Ossur. The company also points out that practitioners can cut this material in order to facilitate fit in patients who have larger calves or shorter legs.

   Dr. Agnew, who is in private practice in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Va., says the Rebound Air Walker is effective for “more active patients, which include many ages these days.” Dr. Beresh concurs.

    “The Rebound Air Walker has been beneficial in all patient populations (in which) we have tried to use the device,” maintains Dr. Beresh, a Past President of the Virginia Podiatric Medical Association.

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