The Top Ten Innovations In Podiatry

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Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor

   Endoform also facilitates spectrum reduction of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and its dermal template retains the structure and function of the patient’s native extracellular matrix, notes the company. One may reapply the dressing once a week in comparison to collagen dressings that one must change more frequently. Hollister says the use of Endoform accordingly reduces cost and inconvenience for patients.

   “It is a very robust product with good elasticity and high tensile strength,” notes Dr. Garoufalis, the President of the American Podiatric Medical Association. “It works very well in reducing MMP activity in the wound and yet is very, very cost-effective to use through weekly applications.”

   Dr. Garoufalis cautions against using Endoform in patients with ovine sensitivity. He also would not use the product unless the wound had an adequate blood supply and was free of infection and necrotic material.

   “It otherwise appears to be a valuable weapon in our fight to heal chronic wounds,” says Dr. Garoufalis.

PICO (Smith and Nephew). For a more simplified and compact NPWT system, the PICO may be an effective post-op option for high-risk patients. Lawrence DiDomenico, DPM, FACFAS, who has used the system for eight months, says the PICO pulls away any post-op exudate and fluids, and wicks them into a dressing (holding up to 75 cc of fluid) until the one-week dressing change.

   Citing good results with PICO, Dr. DiDomenico, the Director of the Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgical Fellowship within the Ankle and Foot Care Centers and the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine, says the device is innovative as there has not been another post-op dressing that assists with incisions to prevent wound breakdown and wound dehiscence.

   Physicians can easily apply the PICO, which distributes negative pressure across the wound bed at -80 mmHg, according to the manufacturer Smith and Nephew. The company adds that patients can carry the NPWT device in their pockets, which allows maximum mobility.

How Recent Innovations Can Facilitate Smoother Surgery

TenFUSE PIP Allograft (Solana Surgical). A new sterile allograft is partially demineralized to maintain inductive and conductive properties. The manufacturer Solana Surgical says its TenFUSE PIP Allograft is sterilized to a sterility assurance level of 10-6, making the chances of contamination one in a million.

   In addition to citing the product’s sterility as an advantage, Andrew Rice, DPM, says TenFUSE is rigid and reliable. After complete absorption, there is no trace of the allograft, according to Dr. Rice, who has been using TenFUSE for over a year.

   Solana adds that the TenFUSE comes in configurations that are straight or angled at 10 degrees, and the device is tapered on the proximal end for easy insertion. The product also has a depth stop for accurate positioning and its octagonal shape and ridges resist rotation, according to the company.

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