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New Products September 2009

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Guarding Ulcers

   Patients may find protection from ulcers with a new technology.

   The Richie Ulcer Guard™ with ShearBan® Technology was designed with diabetic feet in mind. The manufacturer, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, says the ulcer guard will help with shear loads and offers pressure relief modalities. The instant trouble arises, patients can apply the ulcer guard, which the company says allows for more patient mobility.

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New Products August 2009

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Antifungal Application Made Easy

   A new bottle design may make dispensing antifungal cream easier and more cost-effective.

   Merz Pharmaceuticals says the Naftin® Cream Pump offers easy dispensing of Naftin (naftifine HCI 1%) Cream and minimizes wasted cream, making the pump a more economical option. Naftin is indicated for the treatment of tinea pedis.

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New Products July 2009

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Offloading Solutions

   A new shoe may offload diabetic feet to prevent ulcers.

   The new Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe by Procare offers trilaminate IMPAX grid insoles, squared toe boxes and a wide foot bed. The manufacturer, DJO, says the insoles help with redistributing the load away from ulcers.

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New Products May 2009

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Spray Away Foot Pain

   A new spray offers natural ingredients to relieve everyday pain and discomfort.

   The Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray offers a unique formulation including natural menthol, Ilex and botanical ingredients including Arnica, Calendula, and juniper berry, according to the manufacturer Performance Health.

   The company emphasizes that the new formulation offers longer lasting relief for arthritis-related pain in difficult to reach areas such as the lower extremities and the middle back.


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New Products April 2009

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A Closer Look At A New NPWT Device

   A new negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) device may offer a variety of benefits for patients.

   Smith and Nephew says the Renasys EZ™ System is designed for ease of use as well as improved comfort for patients being treated with NPWT.

   The Renasys EZ System allows one to administer varying levels of pressure, ranging from 40 to 200 mmHg, according to the manufacturer. The company says clinicians can use Renasys EZ on surgical, traumatic or chronic wounds depending on the wound charac

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New Products March 2009

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Orthotics For Arthritis

   New orthotics may offer more options for patients dealing with arthritis.

   Footmaxx Orthotics introduces a line of orthotics which targets patients with arthritis-related complaints in the lower extremity. The company says the three orthotics, called Arthritic 1, Arthritic 2 and Arthritic 3, can be beneficial for patients with varying stages of arthritis.

   Arthritic 1 is for patients with early stage arthritis and is the most flexible and accommodative orthotic, according to the company. Footmaxx sa

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New Products February 2009

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Orthotics For Kids

   A new line of orthoses may provide relief for children suffering from flatfoot.

   ProLab Orthotics says the P3 Functional Kiddythotics™ provide effective orthotic therapy for young children with flexible flatfoot.

   The company says the functional prefabricated Kiddythotics are compromised of a rigid polypropylene shell, a deep heel cup, medial flange, medial heel skive, and a 4/4 rearfoot post.

   ProLab adds that new color-coded sizes are available.

   Company: ProL

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New Products

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NPWT Dressing Selection Made Easy

   When using negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) to facilitate wound healing, podiatrists may opt to use a new foam dressing kit.

   The new foam dressing kit, which is designed for use with Smith and Nephew’s NPWT devices, enables DPMs to have gauze and foam choices from one manufacturer, according to Smith and Nephew.

   Smith and Nephew adds that the dressing kit, a single use product, is available in four sizes. The company says the foam dressing kit is both clinically effective and

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New Products

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Orthotics For Athletes

   A new athletic orthotic may be beneficial for patients who have different athletic activities.

   Sportmaxx™ is the newest orthotic in the Footmaxx family and the company says it may enhance athletic performance, help patients heal from injuries and provide extra support.

   The product is specially made for active patients and allows for use in a variety of sports and activities, according to Footmaxx. The company says the custom made orthotic was designed to provide support while allowing motion con

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New Products

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Combating Sore Feet

Two new gel cushions may provide just the right amount of padding to alleviate foot soreness while allowing flexibility.

      The Slim-Gel Fit™ line may help protect against shear forces, abrasions, friction and other pressure on the feet, according to the manufacturer Silipos.

      The company says the Slim-Gel Fit line contains a strap that allows the gel pads to be worn on either the left or the right foot.

      Silipos says these products also include a metatarsal pad and bunion sleeve. The company