Strategies For Getting Your Practice To Stay On Schedule

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Lynn Homisak, PRT

   One can’t help but cringe when you hear that patients who are kept waiting 30 minutes or longer list it as the third most annoying wait, right up there with waiting at the Division of Motor Vehicles. Ouch! Patients have come to expect that doctors encounter emergencies every now and then, but it is not reasonable to expect them every time they come in for a visit.

   One thing is certain. If patients are forced to wait … and wait … and wait while the office sits back and does nothing about it, nothing will ever change, except your patients may eventually get fed up and just go elsewhere. Now, would you blame them?

   Ms. Homisak is the President of SOS Healthcare Management Solutions and has a Certificate in Human Resource Studies from the Cornell University School of Industry and Labor Relations. She is recognized nationwide as a speaker, writer and expert in staff and human resource management.

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   For further reading, see the DPM Blog “Cutting Down On Wait Times Without Sacrificing Quality” at . To access the archives, visit

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