Socks Offer Array Of Benefits To Keep Feet Dry

Lauren Grant, Editorial Assistant

   For podiatrists looking for preventative measures against blisters, toenail fungus and odor-causing bacteria, a unique sock line may be the answer.

   Wet or sweaty socks can be problematic. However, Drymax Socks (Drymax Sports) offer two interwoven fiber technologies that form inner and outer layers. The company says the dual layer design enables the socks to keep feet dry and comfortable in cold, hot and wet conditions, and in all types of footwear.

   The company says the Drymax fiber technology uses hydrophobic fibers in order to prevent moisture from adhering to the inner layer of the sock, which is made of terry loops. Drymax Sports says these fibers lift sweat from the skin and do not retain that moisture.

   Kent Feldman, DPM, has recommended Drymax socks to his patients with hyperhidrosis, chronic tinea pedis and those patients participating in triathlons, marathons and three-day walking events.

    “I once gave (Drymax) socks to several women who were walking in a three-day breast cancer awareness walk and none of them experienced any blisters,” recalls Dr. Feldman, who is affiliated with the Department of Athletic Medicine at San Diego State University.

   Dr. Feldman, a team podiatrist for the San Diego Chargers, believes the Drymax Socks are durable and “far and away drier than any other company’s socks.”

   Dr. Feldman notes that wet feet can lead to many problems, beginning with blisters and progressing to bacterial infections. He notes a military study has demonstrated that 55 percent of recruits with blisters develop a secondary orthopedic injury as result of gait changes.

   Drymax Sports says their socks prevent these issues as the socks feature top and bottom air vents that release heat and sweat vapors. The Drymax Socks also feature an MicroZap antimicrobial additive that facilitates active odor control, according to the company. Additionally, the manufacturer says Drymax Socks offer seamless insides and an instep-hugging arch band, which facilitate blister prevention.

   Kirk Herring, DPM, who is in private practice in Spokane, Wash., has also had favorable results with his patients who use the Drymax Socks for a variety of activities.

    “I have been personally testing these socks under a wide variety of running, cycling and multi-sport applications. I have found them to be very effective,” explains Dr. Herring, a Fellow of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. “They reduce the buildup of moisture around the foot, provide local padding, friction blister prevention and are durable wash after wash.”

   Given the ability of the socks to reduce moisture, Dr. Herring says they can help reduce the risk of possible fungal infections of the skin and toenails.

   Both DPMs feel that no other product can compare to the quality and durability of the Drymax brand. As Dr. Feldman says, “When you put a Drymax sock in a bucket of water and then squeeze the sock, the inner layer of the sock is completely dry.”

   Dr. Herring has personally used the socks for training and racing.

    “These (Drymax) socks are downright great socks,” adds Dr. Herring, a team podiatrist for several college and professional teams.

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