Social Networking: Can It Help Or Hinder Your Practice?

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Megan Lawton, DPM

   On the positive side, being involved with these social networking sites may open up a new world of communication within the profession. The American Podiatric Medical Association has a Facebook group page up and running and many more podiatry groups are following suit. You can find contact information easily for those you may want to reach out to regarding a patient or a former classmate to see how practice is in his or her area.

   Whichever direction you choose with these social networking sites, stay ahead of the curve and be aware of the pros and cons of these Web sites. Technology is a great resource. The key is using it within appropriate parameters so it can help bring your office to the next level.

Dr. Lawton is in private practice in Naples, Fla.

Dr. McCord recently retired from practice at the Centralia Medical Center in Centralia, Wash.

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