How Effective Is The Gastroc Recession For Plantar Fasciitis?

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Crucial Questions About Treating Plantar Fasciitis In Obese Patients

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I had the opportunity to speak recently at the American Public Health Association meeting in New Orleans for the podiatry section. I would highly encourage everyone to consider joining this organization as I believe the natural symbiotic relationship between podiatry and public health is an important one. One of the two topics I spoke on was “Obesity and Plantar Fasciitis.” 

A Closer Look At The Gastroc Recession For Plantar Fasciitis

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Heel pain is one of the most common complaints of patients who present to a podiatrist’s office. Of the various diagnoses that could cause heel pain in adults, plantar fasciitis (fasciosis) will probably be the code that you most often enter into your electronic medical records (EMRs). Estimates say at least one in 10 people will develop plantar fasciitis in their lifetime and plantar fasciitis will account for at least 1 million doctor’s visits annually.1

Can High-Load Strength Training Help Treat Recalcitrant Plantar Fasciitis?

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Plantar fasciitis accounts for up to 10 percent of running injuries.1 A recent study by Rathleff and colleagues found that similar to tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis also responds favorably to high-load strength training.2

Innovative Laser May Offer Effective Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

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Are you looking for an effective conservative option to treat chronic pain in patients with plantar fasciitis?

Then you may want to consider FX 635, an innovative low-level laser treatment that offers relief of pain and inflammation in patients with chronic plantar fasciitis, according to the manufacturer Erchonia Medical. The company explains that this FDA-approved laser provides regenerative powers that can reduce inflammation and eliminate pain in the plantar fascia in a matter of weeks.

Pearls On Treating Plantar Fasciitis In Athletes

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As podiatrists, we see plantar fasciitis in our offices many times each day, especially in athletes. We know what it is and have a good idea of what causes it.    However, with the numerous treatment modalities available, why aren’t all of our patients pain-free? Why do we have patients with lingering pain? Are we treating them wrong? Are they misdiagnosed? Are they non-adherent? I will reexamine how we look at plantar fasciitis in an attempt to improve our success rates in effectively treating and eliminating this mechanically induced pain.    What mechanism generates plantar fasciitis?

Should Prefabricated Orthoses For Plantar Fasciitis Have A Plantar Fascia Groove?

Larry Huppin DPM | 7,557 reads | 1 comments | 01/08/2014

A colleague recently asked whether prefabricated orthoses for plantar fasciitis require a plantar fascia groove.

A plantar fascia groove is used to decrease pressure on a very prominent plantar fascia. I find this accommodation is rarely needed, even when making a custom orthosis. In fact, there are some inherent problems with using a plantar fascia groove because it can cause the orthosis to gap excessively from the arch of the foot.

My preference is that if a plantar fascia groove is necessary, the clinician should add it after the patient receives the orthosis.

An Evidence-Based Medicine Approach To Plantar Fasciitis

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Taking an exhaustive look at the literature on plantar fasciitis, this author discusses what studies have revealed on diagnostic imaging and explores the reported findings for a wide range of treatments, including orthotics, platelet rich plasma, extracorporeal shockwave therapy and plantar fasciotomy.

Case Studies In Treating Chronic Plantar Fasciitis

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Given the common presentation of plantar fasciitis, the variety of etiologies and at times concurrent conditions, this author reviews four illuminating patient cases, emphasizing pertinent diagnostic pointers and keys to effective treatment.

Advanced Regenerative Healing Options For Chronic Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis is no doubt one of the most common presentations that foot and ankle specialists see. Although there are multiple causes for heel pain, biomechanical issues causing strain on the plantar fascia are by far the most common causes. A tight posterior muscle group causing an increase in pronation or even a cavus foot structure will result in inflammation of the fascia and subsequent pain.