Remaining A Lifelong Learner After School And Residency

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Camille Ryans, DPM

   After completing residency, access to information may decrease. While in private practice, you are your sole source of information. The constant flow of ideas diminishes as you are not around as many podiatric physicians or physicians in-training as you were during school and residency. Accordingly, it is very important to attend conferences, and read and discuss cases and concepts with colleagues. Also, it may be a good idea to become an attending for a residency program or give lectures to students, residents, other healthcare professionals or community members.

   A good physician is a lifelong learner and educator who takes maximum advantage of the resources available each step of the way.

   Dr. Ryans is a third-year resident at SSM DePaul Health Center in St. Louis.

   Dr. McCord retired in December 2008 from practice at the Centralia Medical Center in Centralia, Wash.

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