In your experience, are custom orthotics effective for treating plantar fasciitis?

77% (181 votes)
23% (53 votes)
Total votes: 234


I feel the general consensus that rigid functional orthotic devices and associated conservative treatments resolve plantar fasciitis 90% of the time has held up with the test of time. I have had patients bring in custom devices that have failed through the years and those devices have been flexible or narrow or devices that lack a deep heel seat,rearfoot post or were used in shoes that were not the appropriate style or fit to allow the foot establish a windlass mechanism, or involve a foot that is not capable of re-establishing a windlass mechanism due to genetic, traumatic or iatrogenic influences.

The necessity of proper casting techniques as well as prescribing principles goes without saying.

Corrective modification of patient's insoles, orthoses, and/or shoes is key component of mechanical pedal and ankle therapy.

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