Which of the following issues will have the most impact on your vote in the upcoming presidential election?

Healthcare reform
37% (111 votes)
Student loans
4% (12 votes)
8% (24 votes)
The economy
45% (135 votes)
Foreign policy
6% (17 votes)
Total votes: 299


I am concerned by the foreign policy and Mitt Romney's bow-down attitude towards Israel. I am afraid Israel is going to get us involved in another war in the Middle East and then our economy will be worse than we can imagine. I am not in a favor for any more wars and loss of American lives. I am pleased with President Obama's approach on the international affairs and his policies dealing with the Middle East and Israel. Israel has been trying to influence this election by pressuring the U.S. during these critical times but I am sure they will be disappointed with the American people when President Obama will be re-elected. We do not need radical religious folks who force people to follow a organized religion. We need a free America where there is freedom of speech, press, arms and religion. God bless the USA.

I am watching ObamaCare and the California Democrat lead legislature destroy private practice in California. I am unable to sell my practice currently. I cannot get an associate for they all feel that they will be working as an employee of the government soon (so I am working 6 days a week currently). My costs have gone up while the government has decreased what they pay us and finally our community clinic got a $12 million dollar grant with no strings attached to expand community clinic medicine and compete against private doctors for patients. I fear for the future of medicine if the current trend continues.

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