What will be the most beneficial in addressing Obamacare in your practice?

Having more cash based services in practice
21% (25 votes)
Joining a group to better contract with the newly formed exchange plans
8% (9 votes)
Actively seeking out new exchange plans to contract with
2% (2 votes)
Streamlining office protocols and reducing expenses to be more competitive with decreased reimbursement
7% (8 votes)
Increasing marketing efforts to attract more private pay patients
4% (5 votes)
Waiting to see what happens at the state level before making a decision
8% (9 votes)
Retiring early to avoid the whole thing altogether
52% (62 votes)
Total votes: 120


Obamacare will spell the end of the solo practitioner. Patients are coming in with plans that have $75 co-pays and enormous deductibles.

Wait a minute. Patients are COMING IN. Where's the problem?

Obamacare will do much to destroy effective health care in this country but, more critically, will have a huge negative effect on the viability of running a profitable practice. However, in every struggle, there must be strength. This actually is a huge opportunity to re-enact free enterprise medicine in your offices by developing more non-covered services that can improve income as well as patient outcomes. I think many have forgotten that the only reason insurance companies and Medicare dictate the standard of care and control your income is because we have let them.

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