By H. John Visser, DPM, FACFAS, Jesse Wolfe, DPM, Melanie Gonzalez, DPM, Neil Ermitano, DPM, and Kristina Berns-Thompson, DPM

Given their high post-traumatic malunion rate, talar neck fractures present considerable challenges for foot and ankle surgeons. These authors present effective techniques for performing an opening wedge osteotomy to resolve talar neck malunions, offering a closer look at the literature and an illustrative case study.

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By Brian McCurdy, Managing Editor

A study presented as a poster at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Annual Scientific Conference found a significantly elevated risk of limb loss following transmetatarsal amputation (TMA) in patients with peripheral vascular disease (PVD).

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By Kevin A. Kirby, DPM

Given the common incidence of plantar plate injuries and the complications that can arise from more severe tears, this author offers a comprehensive guide to the biomechanics inherent to the plantar plate as a foundation for effective treatment of related injuries. 

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