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   The TDS is made from neoprene material and eliminates the need for hemostat and rubber band or a Penrose drain, according to the manufacturer Brown Medical Industries. The company says the device serves two purposes. It acts as an exsanguinating tourniquet for digital surgical procedures and surgeons can also utilize it as a compressive dressing after the procedure to help with homeostasis.

   Brown Medical Industries says the TDS can be beneficial in procedures for the removal of foreign bodies, ingrown toenails, soft tissue masses or warts.
In addition to reducing the need for extra dressing materials, the TDS provides a smaller, cleaner and more uniform dressing, according to Brown Medical Industries. The company notes the TDS is available in small, medium and large sizes.

Company: Brown Medical Industries
Product: Tourniquet Dressing Sleeve (TDS)
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Therapeutic Socks For Patients With Diabetes

Patients may get constant lower extremity therapy with a new brand of socks.

   Incredisocks are made of woven material with bamboo charcoal and germanium. The manufacturer, Incrediwear, notes that when the body heats these materials, they release anions that increase circulation, regulate temperature, increase oxygen to the cells, wick away moisture and reduce pain.

   In addition, patients with diabetes may try the Incredisocks Rx line, which the company says eliminates cold feet and burning foot pain while increasing blood flow and reducing swelling. Incrediwear says the diabetic sock is helpful for vascular deficiencies, neuropathy and Raynaud’s syndrome.

Company: Incrediwear
Product: Incredisocks
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Biomechanical Walking Support

Two new walking shoes have been designed with biomechanics in mind.

   ABEO Biomechanical Footwear™ shoes utilize biomechanical technology to provide lower extremity support and less joint stress, according to the Walking Company, the manufacturer of the shoes. The company notes the shoes can improve mobility and expand joint lifespan.

   As part of the ABEO line, SmartSystem™ Revolutionary Walking Shoes have a dual-density midsole with an advanced design, which significantly reduces knee stress, knee pain and the progression of osteoarthritis, according to the company.

   B.I.O.system™ Sandals are shock absorbent and feature built-in orthotics. The manufacturer says it also utilizes a 3-D fit process, which employs digital scanning technology to determine arch type and pressure points.

Company: The Walking Company
Product: ABEO Biomechanical Footwear™
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