New Products September 2010

Rebound From Injury

A new short leg walker can accomodate differences in lower extremity anatomy and help patients avoid re-injury.

   The Rebound™ Air Walker is a short leg walker with a full circumferential shell and toe bumper, which can protect patients from re-injury, according to the manufacturer Ossur. It adds that the walker features an integrated air pump that provides easy inflation/deflation and consistent compression. The device also has front placement straps that permit easy application, according to the company.

   Ossur notes that the walker’s Flex Edge™ overmold adapts to patients’ anatomy and relieves pressure points. One can modify the brace by expanding the shell to fit larger calves or shortening the length of the walker. The brace also features a rocker bottom designed to help promote a natural, stable gait.

Company: Ossur
Product: Rebound™ Air Walker
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A Clean And Quiet Vacuum/Drill

Are you looking for a quality drill and vacuum system to keep things tidy?

   The DuraPro Hygienic Vacuum/ Drill can capture a high volume of dust with a sound deadening enclosure, according to the manufacturer Jan L Company.

   Jan L says the vacuum/drill has a 30,000-rpm variable speed hand piece, a twist ring that can quickly release burs and ten 0.2-micron filters.

   The DuraPro can sit on the office’s floor or countertop, according to the company. It adds that one may pair the system with an optional mobile stand.

Company: Jan L Company
Product: DuraPro Hygienic Vacuum/Drill
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Protecting Sore Spots On The Skin

Patients who need to protect their blistered skin may want to try new synthetic bandages.

   The SoreSpot™ Blister and Skin Protection Bandages adhere to toes, heels and the ball of the foot, notes the manufacturer PediFix.

   The liquid-filled bandages use LiquiCell® technology, which creates a synthetic, external bursa sac, which changes shape and responds to any harmful forces that might affect the skin, according to Pedifix.

   PediFix adds that the bandages are effective for athletes and patients with diabetes who need to protect their skin from friction in order to facilitate healing and reduce the risk of recurrent injuries.

Company: PediFix
Product: SoreSpot™ Blister and Skin Protection Bandages
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A Versatile Brace

Podiatrists may be able to treat a variety of conditions with a new ankle brace.

   With a simple adjustment, the Web Ankle Brace converts from an acute ankle brace to a brace that offers full support, according to the manufacturer Darco International. The company says the brace’s removable rigid stays provide controlled restriction of inversion and eversion.

   In addition, Darco says the Web Ankle Brace has a unique bungee closure system to provide even compression and permits patients to adjust the device without removing their shoes. The company notes that the brace is made of a high quality, ballistic nylon shell that is breathable and conforms to the ankle.

Company: Darco International
Product: Web Ankle Brace
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An Innovative Brace

Patients may attain comfort, mobility and support while wearing a new brace.

   The ProMed lace-up brace has Y-shaped vertical stabilization straps that provide added support, according to the manufacturer Active Innovations.

   The company notes that the straps permit control over the patient’s forefoot and heel while four spring steel stays support the ankle and help prevent heel release.

   The brace has total control lacing, which facilitates even pull throughout the brace, making for a better fit for various foot shapes, according to the company. Active Innovations adds that the ProMed lace-up brace features a circumferential strap that stabilizes the brace, prevents slippage and makes for a secure and comfortable fit.

Company: Active Innovations
Product: ProMed
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