New Products September 2009

Guarding Ulcers

   Patients may find protection from ulcers with a new technology.

   The Richie Ulcer Guard™ with ShearBan® Technology was designed with diabetic feet in mind. The manufacturer, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, says the ulcer guard will help with shear loads and offers pressure relief modalities. The instant trouble arises, patients can apply the ulcer guard, which the company says allows for more patient mobility.

   The manufacturer says patients can wear the Richie Ulcer Guard with existing footwear, insole or orthotics and two sizes allow for focus on either the forefoot or the rearfoot.

   Company: Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

   Product: Richie Ulcer Guard™ with ShearBan® Technology

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Stabilizing Fractures For Faster Healing

   A new boot may help heal lower leg and ankle fractures.

   Patients can use the AirVantage Pneumatic Walker Boot for a variety of lower leg and ankle problems including acute ankle sprains, lower leg stress fractures or ankle stable fractures, according to manufacturer Elite Orthopaedics. The company says the walker features a pneumatic liner with a pump bulb attached to the soft good, noting that the pump can increase stability and minimize pain following postoperative procedures.

   As the company notes, the walker frame has a wide foot bed for added comfort and accommodation of patient dressings. Elite Orthopaedics says the Velcro aluminum uprights help to stabilize the leg. The walker is available in both a tall and short version in sizes extra-small through extra-large.

   Company: Elite Orthopaedics, Inc.
   Product: AirVantage Pneumatic Walker Boot
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Cataloguing New Products

   Get all the details on a variety of splints in a new catalogue.

   The new 3-Point Products Catalog features all the splints offered by the company, including eight new splints. The catalogue features the company’s splints that are designed for comfort, fit and function.

   The manufacturer says the new full product catalogue features the 3pp™ PF Lift™ designed for cases of plantar fasciitis. In addition to the new catalog, the company has a newly redesigned home page at

   Company: 3-Point Products
   Product: 3-Point Products Catalog
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Meeting Diabetic Needs

   A new cream may provide a variety of health benefits for patients with diabetes.

   Healthifeet Foot Cream is a new product that provides patients with a warming effect for cold feet, relieves discomfort, and moisturizes the feet, according to the manufacturer, Tender Corporation. The L-arginine, an amino acid, helps maintain the temperature of the feet to restore feeling.

   The company says the cream is recommended for patients with diabetes dealing with neuropathy, foot ulcers, skin changes, and cold hands or feet due to poor circulation.

   Company: Tender Corporation
   Product: Healthifeet Foot Cream
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Flexible Products Designed For Faster Healing

   Managing wounds in difficult areas may have gotten easier.

   Acticoat™ Flex 3 and Acticoat™ Flex 7 are the newest in the line of Acticoat products that have been used for the treatment of wounds. Manufacturer Smith and Nephew notes that these specific products are the first in the Flex Products line, which can treat wounds in awkward locations on the body and also allow for exudate to pass through.

   The company says the product was created in response to the requests of doctors and their needs for their patients. The polyester mesh is the secret to the flexibility of the product, adds Smith and Nephew.

   Company: Smith & Nephew
   Product: Acticoat Flex Wound Care Products
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Taking A Digital View

   Small practices may get a better look at patients with a new digital X-ray system.

   The new Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR) Prima digital X-ray system was specifically designed with private practices in mind, according to the manufacturer, Fujifilm Medical Systems USA. The X-ray system is equipped with a compact CR reader, electronic viewing station and a system to store the x-rays, which the company says will help to save space in small offices while offering reliable image quality of Fujifilm.

   The manufacturer says the new X-ray system is ideal for helping bring private practices up to speed with hospital technology. Fujifilm notes the smaller picture size makes viewing and storing easier, but does not have the price tag of a made-for-hospital item.

   Company: Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, Inc.

   Product: FCR Prima
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Socks That Moisturize

   Ultra-dry feet may find relief with a sock that moisturizes.

   Manufacturer Jota Foot Works notes that prior to the introduction of Jota Sox, the wearer would apply a moisturizing lotion to the feet and then apply regular socks. As the company notes, the sock simply absorbed the excess lotion, which is not providing the maximum moisturizing capabilities.

   The Jota Sox helps to trap in the moisture, helping to ensure fully moisturized feet, says the company. Jota Foot Works says if the lotion is able to stay on the area uninterrupted, then the dryness will heal faster.

   Company: Jota Foot Works
   Product: Jota Sox
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