New Products October 2013

New Gel Offers Dual Treatment

Patients suffering from inter-digital webspace maceration may find relief in a new topical treatment.

   MacerRx Web Gel is a topical gel designed to manage both macerated and infected interdigital webspaces, notes the company Bako Integrated Physician Solutions. The manufacturer says MacerRx is capable of treating all webspace infections due to Candida albicans, Corynebacterium and dermatophytes.

   Bako explains that the gel, which is available in a 2 oz. tube, is also formulated with a unique astringent vehicle, designed to help dry macerated webspaces. MacerRx is much more affordable than other prescriptions and comes with a Bako patient-direct money back guarantee, according to the company.

Product: MacerRx
Company: Bako Integrated Physician Solutions
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Dual Therapy In An Ambulation Device

A new kind of ambulatory device with combined therapies may provide accelerated healing for patients with chronic wounds.

   The ACTitouch Adaptive Compression Therapy system combines two proven therapies — intermittent and sustained compression — in one device to heal venous leg ulcers, notes the manufacturer Tactile Medical.

   Unlike other compression therapies, which may be uncomfortable, the ACTitouch system’s lightweight, wraparound sleeve is easy for patients to apply and remove for bathing or sleeping, explains Tactile Medical. The company also notes that air-filled chambers and a padded undersock provide a comfortable fit and patients can wear the device discreetly beneath clothing and with regular shoes.

   According to Tactile Medical, the ACTitouch system includes a Therapy Tracker, which automatically records and displays the average daily use in each of the two compression modes.

Company: Tactile Medical
Product: The ACTitouch Adaptive Compression Therapy system
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Step Into A Functional Recovery Shoe

Podiatrists looking for a comfortable and functional way to alleviate fluid buildup and promote healing may want to consider using a new kind of recovery shoe.

   The AdaptaStep recovery shoe is a unique, patent-pending system specifically designed to help relieve fluid buildup, speed healing and promote a quicker return to normal gait, explains the manufacturer, Propét. The company notes that its unique design provides compression rather than constriction to help heal post-trauma edema and prevent further swelling often caused by tight straps.

   The soft, breathable upper allows for optimal air circulation and includes a nano-silver lining with naturally antimicrobial properties to minimize and inhibit infections, adds Propét.

   According to the manufacturer, AdaptaStep will be available as a single unit with both right and left insoles, two sets of flexibility rods and a removal tool.

Company: Propét
Product: AdaptaStep
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