New Products November 2009

Making An Early Diagnosis

   Are you looking for a way to facilitate a quick diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (PAD)?

   Look no further than the Revo® 1100 Peripheral Vascular Diagnostic system, which has recently been enhanced with the VascuLink® networking and reporting software. The VascuLink software allows for physicians to diagnose peripheral arterial disease quickly, according to the manufacturer Unetixs Vascular.

   The company says the diagnostic system also provides accurate hard copy reports and waveforms that are required for Medicare reimbursement. This documentation can also be sent electronically to a vascular lab or specialist, according to Unetixs Vascular.

   Unetixs Vascular has incorporated the technology found in the Unetixs Reference Lab MultiLab systems. As the company notes, the Revo® 1100 Peripheral Vascular Diagnostic system comes with a full-color, high-resolution touch screen, integrated auto-sequencing and a four-port blood pressure cuff connection.

   The system is also helpful for archiving the information for long-term use and review, says Unetixs Vascular. The company says the new system is very affordable, even for practices with one physician.

Company: Unetixs Vascular
Product: Revo® 1100 Peripheral Vascular Diagnostic system
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Providing Additional Support

   A new inlay product may be an option for support in women’s dress shoes.

   The Sher Slim Line inlay has a thin design and a semi-rigid polypro shell for support. The manufacturer, Sroufe Healthcare Products, notes the shell is covered in a polyurethane gray poron to provide cushioning and comfort.

   The company says the inlays can be custom molded in order to adjust for a higher or lower arch. The inlays are offered in men’s and women’s sizes, according to the company.

Company: Sroufe Healthcare Products
Product: Sher Slim Line
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Bracing For Splayfoot

   A new brace may provide improved support for splayfoot and fallen arches.

   The Medial Mid-Foot Brace provides advanced support for patients suffering from splayfoot, according to the manufacturer Alpha Orthotics. The company says the brace also helps to relieve pain caused by fallen arches.

   Providing longitudinal arch support, the brace helps relieve midfoot pain caused by strain and stress from splayfoot and fallen arches, according to the company. The brace is comprised of a splint, a foam cushion, a metatarsal strap and a metatarsal pad, according to Alpha Orthotics.

   Alpha Orthotics says the brace is thin enough for patients to slip it into non-restrictive dress or casual shoes. The company says the Medial Mid-Foot Brace is ideal for everyday athletic activities and people with an active lifestyle.

Company: Alpha Orthotics
Product: Medial Mid-Foot Brace
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Comfort In All The Right Spots

   Patients who are looking for more comfortable stockings to accommodate their podiatric issues may want to try a new line.

   Bilt-Rite/Mastex says its new line of compression stockings is good for patients with vascular conditions. In addition to offering varying levels of compression, Bilt-Rite notes the line of stockings offers lengths from knee high to thigh high, open or closed toe, and several color options.

   Bilt-Rite/Mastex diabetic socks can provide patients with both comfort and support, according to the company.

   Bilt-Rite/Mastex says the diabetic socks feature high-tech fibers that help reduce bacteria growth by keeping moisture away from the skin. The company adds that the diabetic socks are available in two colors and come with or without comfort pads.

Company: Bilt-Rite/Mastex
Product: Bilt-Rite/Mastex Compression Stockings and Diabetic Socks
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