New Products May 2010

Online Answers For Reimbursement

Do have questions about reimbursement for wound care products?

   A new online guide may have the answers. Smith & Nephew recently introduced the Smith & Nephew Wound Management Reimbursement Resource Center, which includes the company’s complete line of wound care products. The guide is available at us/10209.htm.

   The company says the Web site provides helpful information on HCPCS codes and Medicare fee schedules. The site also features a frequently asked question (FAQ) section, e-mail contact info for questions on reimbursement and current news regarding developments in medical reimbursement.

Company: Smith & Nephew
Product: Smith & Nephew Wound Management Reimbursement Resource Center
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Soothing Irritated Skin

A new cream may help with the treatment of various dermatoses.

   One may use the Neosalus Cream to treat conditions such as atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis, according to the manufacturer Quinnova Pharmaceuticals. The company says the anti-inflammatory properties of the cream help reduce the frequency and severity of flare-ups, and decrease reliance on corticosteroids.

   Quinnova Pharmaceuticals says the non-greasy cream uses Proderm, a mixture of water and lipids, which helps protect, heal and hydrate the skin without further irritation.

   The manufacturer notes the cream has no fragrance or alcohol, which could further irritate the skin. There are no restrictions with age or long-term use of the cream, according to Quinnova Pharmaceuticals. The company adds that the cream is formulated to facilitate easy application to small surface areas.

Company: Quinnova Pharmaceuticals
Product: Neosalus Cream
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Hot And Cold Injury Relief

Patients with chronic injuries may attain relief from a new compression therapy device that utilizes both heat and cold.

   With the ThermoActive™ Cold & Hot Mobile Compression Therapy Supports, one can tailor treatment for each individual patient, according to the manufacturer Poly Gel. The company notes the therapy has an anatomical wrap with an adjustable hook and loop and a removable gel pack that can be frozen or heated.

   Poly Gel says the compression supports also feature a handheld pump that enables patients to vary the compression level. Poly Gel says adjusting the compression levels allows for deeper treatment of tissues, proper fitting and added mobility during treatment.

   The circumferential compression also facilitates shorter recovery time, according to the company.

Company: Poly Gel
Product: ThermoActive™ Cold & Hot Mobile Compression Therapy Supports
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Keeping Toes In Line

A new sandal may facilitate improved balance and alignment in the foot.

   Yoga Sandals® feature four toe separators that will help with the natural alignment of the foot, according to the manufacturer Beech Sandal Company. It says the sandals may also offer relief for bunions and hammertoes by improving toe alignment.

   The company says the sandals increase foot flexibility by revitalizing dormant muscles and tendons in the foot.

Company: Beech Sandal Company
Product: Yoga Sandals®
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