New Products May 2009

Spray Away Foot Pain

   A new spray offers natural ingredients to relieve everyday pain and discomfort.

   The Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray offers a unique formulation including natural menthol, Ilex and botanical ingredients including Arnica, Calendula, and juniper berry, according to the manufacturer Performance Health.

   The company emphasizes that the new formulation offers longer lasting relief for arthritis-related pain in difficult to reach areas such as the lower extremities and the middle back.

   Performance Health says the spray comes in three sizes (2 oz., 4 oz. and 16 oz.) for travel, home and professional use.

   Company: Performance Health
   Product: Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray
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Customized Patient Comfort

   A new orthotic may provide patients with customizable options for treating foot pain.

   The OrthoSole®, which offers five varying levels of support, is an insole that adjusts to the needs of the wearer, according to the manufacturer Rogers Corporation. As the company notes, patients can customize the arch or the metatarsal supports for their different needs.

   The company says the OrthoSole consists of Poron urethane and patients can reportedly wear the device with any shoe that can hold the insole in place.

   The insole comes in several shoe sizes and Rogers Corporation says the OrthoSole should last a full year depending on a variety of factors such as body weight or the type of shoe one wears.

   Company: Rogers Corporation
   Product: OrthoSole®
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Fashionable Flip-Flops And Sandals

   This spring, patients need not choose between fashionable footwear and supportive orthotics.

   The Orthaheel spring 2009 line-up of new flip-flops and sandals includes a variety of slip-ons, flip-flops and sport slides in a variety of colors, according to the manufacturer Orthaheel. The company notes the built-in orthotic footbeds reclaim the natural footprint and facilitate proper alignment of the foot and ankle.

   Orthaheel says the shoes include deep heel cups with extra cushion and EVA midsoles to reduce pronation as well as pain in the back, lower leg and heel pain. The flip-flops and sandals also have durable rubber outsoles and padded straps, according to the company.

   Company: Orthaheel
   Product: Orthaheel flip-flops and sandals
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Home Run Orthotics

   As baseball players step onto the diamond this spring, a new orthotic may provide the additional support they need.

   The Sportmaxx™ Pro-Baseball orthotic offers additional support, control and shock absorption without weighing players down, according to the manufacturer Footmaxx Orthotics.

   In designing the orthotic, the company says it considered the different aspects of the sport such as batting, running the bases and constant motion in an outfield position.

   Sportmaxx offers correction and shock absorption qualities that allow for athletes to play on different surfaces, including Astroturf, according to the company.

   Footmaxx adds that the baseball orthoses are custom made for individual patients and provide motion control without extra bulk.

   Company: Footmaxx Orthotics
   Product: Sportmaxx™ Pro-Baseball orthotic
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