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   Physicians can use BioPad for pressure sores, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, partial and full thickness wounds, surgical and traumatic wounds, donor sites and dehisced surgical incisions, according to the company. The dressing, which contains no fillers, offers proliferation of fibroblasts and formation of granulation tissue, and clinicians can use it with negative pressure, notes Angelini.

Company: Angelini Pharma
Product: BioPad Wound Dressing With Collagen
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Getting Bunions In Line

Surgeons may facilitate several types of bunionectomies with a new bunion correction system.

   The Re+Line Bunion Correction System is a unique, low-profile tension band compression implant, according to the manufacturer Nextremity Solutions. The company notes the implant design is based on tension band plating principles that can provide superior stability and load distribution. Nextremity Solutions says the Re+Line system facilitates stable fixation of the metatarsal head and reduces soft tissue disruption.

   The Re+Line is indicated for chevron, long arm chevron and Reverdin Laird osteotomies, notes Nextremity Solutions. The company adds that the system is part of a single-use, OR-ready sterile surgical kit with insertion instruments and the Landmark Positioning Drill Guide for placement accuracy.

Company: Nextremity Solutions
Product: Re+Line Bunion Correction System
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Comfy Feet In Any Environment

Through sunshine, rain or snow, patients’ feet can stay supported and comfortable with a new insert.

   Comfortmaxx offers support and comfort to patients through all four seasons and in all types of weather, according to the manufacturer Footmaxx. The inserts are made of merino wool with Versawool supports, notes the company.

   Footmaxx says the material is itch-free and can help regulate body temperature. It adds that the Comfortmaxx can wick moisture and block odor.

Company: Footmaxx
Product: Comfortmaxx
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