New Products July 2011

Healing Heels While Patients Sleep

With a new heel sleeve, patients can get relief for their cracked heels while they sleep.

   Sleep-N-Heel Night Conditioning Heel Sleeves can moisturize skin, smoothing rough, dry heels, according to the manufacturer Pedinol Pharmacal. The heel sleeves have soft, fragrance free lining that conforms to the heel, according to the company.

   Pedinol adds that Sleep-N-Heel uses a triglyceride polymer gel, which slowly releases natural moisturizers. The company says the enriching essential oils include coconut, jojoba and olive oil for deep conditioning and continuous hydration.

   The product also has vitamin E and shea butter to provide antioxidants and other nutrients to promote healthy skin renewal and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance, according to Pedinol.

Company: Pedinol Pharmacal
Product: Sleep-N-Heel Night Conditioning Heel Sleeves
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A Thinner Dressing

A thinner adhesive layer on a dressing may facilitate increased healing and convenience for patients.

   The new version of Versiva® XC® dressing has a thinner adhesive layer and manufacturer ConvaTec says the dressing is 40 percent more conformable to the body. The company notes the dressing uses Hydrofiber® technology, which reportedly improves comfort and helps create an optimal environment to heal wounds.

   ConvaTec adds that the thin nature of the dressing makes it is a more discreet and comfortable option for patients. There is also less potential for the dressing to roll up when the patient moves, according to the company. Versiva XC also requires fewer applications and patients can keep it in place for up to seven days.

Company: ConvaTec
Product: Versiva® XC®
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Bracing Patients

A new brace can provide just the right combination of motion restriction and compression.

   The Body Armor Stirrup Ankle is lightweight with a low profile and manufacturer Darco International says it provides “excellent” compression and motion restriction. The company notes the brace has anatomically contoured stirrups and soft neoprene padding that provide both rigidity and comfort.

   Darco adds that the Body Armor Stirrup Ankle is a convertible brace that fits both left and right ankles. Patients can simply switch the stirrups from one side to the other and the brace is one size fits all, according to the company.

Company: Darco International
Product: Body Armor Stirrup Ankle
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An Easy Solution For Charcot

For Charcot patients who need to stay non-weightbearing, a new total contact cast may do the trick.

   The TCC-EZ Charcot Casting System includes an easy to apply boot available in larger sizes, according to the manufacturer MedEfficiency. The company notes the cast comes with a fishnet mesh cast and is supported by an outer boot to provide additional support and stability.

   The TCC-EZ also has a cushion insert designed to accommodate Charcot deformities, notes the company. The large and extra large boots can support patients up to 400 pounds, dependent on activity level, according to the company.

Company: MedEfficiency
Product: TCC-EZ Charcot Casting System
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Fashion That Is Good For The Sole

Shoes with orthoses do not have to be unfashionable, thanks to a new shoe for women.

   Alice Alan footwear integrates a full-length, removable, dress shoe orthotic according to the manufacturer Alice Alan. The company notes that its footwear is stylish and incorporates a stable heel and rounder toe box.

   Alice Alan adds that its orthoses were created in an exclusive partnership with Northwest Podiatric Laboratory and will fit seamlessly across the shoe collection.

Company: Alice Alan
Product: Alice Alan footwear
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