New Products July 2009

Offloading Solutions

   A new shoe may offload diabetic feet to prevent ulcers.

   The new Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe by Procare offers trilaminate IMPAX grid insoles, squared toe boxes and a wide foot bed. The manufacturer, DJO, says the insoles help with redistributing the load away from ulcers.

   The shoe also features a removable reinforced toe cover that protects from outside forces while allowing easy access to the treatment area, according to DJO. The company says the seamless design of the shoe helps eliminate the possibility of skin breakdown.

Company: DJO
Product: Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe by Procare
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More Stable Ankles

   Patients who have trouble with adherence may appreciate a new orthosis.

   The new Stabilizer Gauntlet AFO may give practitioners another alternative to surgery through unique rearfoot and ankle stabilization. Patients will experience comfortable stability with maximum rearfoot stabilization, according to the manufacturer, ProLab Orthotics/USA.

   The Stabilizer Gauntlet is made of a polypropylene shell, Poron padding and fine quality leather. The company says the materials enable the device to conform more closely to the leg, ankle and foot, and help facilitate patient adherence.

   The Stabilizer Gauntlet is available in three heights, three shell types, six closure options and three colors.

Company: ProLab Orthotics/USA
Product: Stabilizer Gauntlet AFO
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Healing While Patients Sleep

   A new splint may improve ankle ailments after hours.

   The Advantage Dorsal Night Splint is specifically designed for patients suffering from plantar fasciitis/ heel pain, severe ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis and foot drop, according to the manufacturer Elite Orthopaedics.

   The company says the splint features a shell lined with soft memory foam that secures to the foot, ensuring a 90-degree angle during sleep.

   The company notes the low-profile design allows for more of the foot and leg to be exposed for a cooler feeling and increased comfort. Elite Orthopaedics says more patients will be adherent since the brace is less bulky, intended for night wear and easy to apply.

Company: Elite Orthopaedics
Product: Advantage Dorsal Night Splint
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Powerful Steps With Prefab Orthotics

   Patients with heel and arch pain may want to try a new prefab orthosis.

   The new Powerstep CustomPost allows doctors to select a variety of options to create a unique orthotic for patients based on their individual needs, according to the manufacturer Stable Step. With the orthotic’s snap-on heel, the company says one can customize the device with a variety of options.

   Stable Step says the orthotic is made of either a 2-degree or 4-degree heel post, which is then partnered with a firm shell and extra heel cushioning.

Company: Stable Step
Product: Powerstep CustomPost
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