New Products January 2010

Information At Your Fingertips

   Do you need a range of orthotic information located at one convenient source?

   Now ProLab Orthotics may have the answer. The company notes that its new Web site,, can be a resource for practitioners, residents and podiatry students.

   The Web site offers unlimited access to clinical resources such as case studies, articles and references, online practice management tools and an orthotic therapy blog, according to ProLab. The company emphasizes that students can visit the site and get a definition or a detailed description of a specific pathology.

   Company: ProLab Orthotics
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Wiggle Room For Toes

   A new sock may allow for more range of motion for toes.

   The Injinji Therapeutic Toesock™ separates each toe, which may help minimize friction between toes and help reduce the development of blistering, sweat buildup and athlete’s foot, according to the sock’s manufacturer Injinji.

   The company says the sock features CoolMax® freshFX™ fibers, which combine moisture wicking and silver for anti-odor and antimicrobial benefits.

   Injinji says the sock may help inhibit the growth of fungus and odor-causing bacteria. The company adds that the sock provides cushioning and may help eliminate the pain associated with corns, rubbing and pressure.

   Company: Injinji
   Product: Injinji Therapeutic Toesock™
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Sanitizing Made Easy

   A new sanitizer may help prevent pathogen growth.

   The 24-hour hand sanitizer Prefenz Botanicals offers an infused antimicrobial agent that offers protection against Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli and MRSA among other easily spread pathogens, according to the product’s manufacturer AliMed.

   AliMed says the product’s protective barrier on the skin could fight germs for as long as 24 hours.

   The company notes that the product not only fights germs but also contains AMOSILQ, a silica complex, which soothes and helps prevent dry, red and chapped skin.

   Company: AliMed
   Product: Prefenz Botanicals
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