New Products February 2013

Latex-Free Option Fits Like A Glove

Podiatrists looking for a comfortable, latex-free surgical glove may have a new option.

   Biogel PI Pro-Fit is a non-latex surgical glove designed with a biomechanically optimized form to help prevent hand fatigue during surgery, notes the manufacturer, Molnlycke Health Care US. The company adds that Biogel PI provides surgeons with a new level of comfort during surgery while reducing employee and patient health risks and costs.

   Molnlycke explains that the synthetic material in Biogel PI feels just as good as traditional latex gloves and is 3.5 times less likely to tear than non-Biogel gloves.
Additionally, Biogel non-latex gloves reduce the risk of worker’s compensation claims and lost productivity due to staff with glove-related latex allergies, notes Molnlycke.

Company: Molnlycke Health Care US
Product: Biogel PI Pro-Fit Glove
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Sizing Up Your Options In Wound Dressings

With the introduction of a 5 cm x 7 cm size of Oasis® Ultra Tri-Layer Matrix, podiatrists have even more size options when it comes to wound dressings.

   The Oasis Ultra Tri-Layer Matrix contains three layers of porcine small intestinal submucosa (SIS) designed to provide increased structure for difficult-to-heal and chronic wounds, according to the manufacturer, Healthpoint Biotherapeutics. The company notes the smaller version is ideal in treating smaller chronic wounds, especially in outpatient sites of care.

   Oasis Ultra provides physicians with an easy to work with material that features improved handling to facilitate placement and fixation. The dressing also offers increased structure and greater durability to minimize disruption to forming tissue, adds
Healthpoint Biotherapeutics.

Company: Healthpoint Biotherapeutics
Product: 5 cm x 7 cm size of Oasis® Ultra Tri-Layer Matrix
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An Incredible Athletic Sock

A new brand of sock developed with runners and cyclists in mind may be the answer athletes are looking for in footwear.

   The New Pro-3 Thin Sport Incredisocks contain a unique Carbonized Charcoal Anion Technology, which increases circulation in the foot by up to 17 percent, notes the manufacturer, Star Nutrition. According to the company, this increase in circulation decreases foot fatigue and allows for faster recovery time.

   The company notes it designed the Pro-3 with antimicrobial properties, moisture wicking and odor resistant technologies.

   The Pro-3 is the newest addition to Star Nutrition’s therapeutic sock line, Incrediwear, and is available in three different cuts: No Sho, which is below the ankle; Down Lower, which rests mid-ankle; and Cut Above, which rises farther above
the ankle.

Company: Star Nutrition
Product: Pro-3 Thin Sport Incredisocks
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