New Products February 2010

Accommodations Made Easy

   A new workstation may provide more comfort and accessibility for physicians when treating patients.

   Care Exchange™ Workstations can easily accommodate electronic medical records, digital diagnostics and electronic prescriptions, all in the procedure room. The manufacturer, Midmark Corporation, says physicians can have everything completed before the patient even leaves the office.

   The company says the ease of use of the workstation allows for the physician to maintain care for the patient without cutting down on patient interaction. One can easily adjust the workstation for height and at 18 inches wide, it can fit in a variety of locations. The workstations also are available in long-lasting battery powered models, notes Midmark.

   Company: Midmark Corporation
   Product: Care Exchange™ Workstations
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Freeze Out Pain

   Two new products may provide personalized pain relief for patients.

   The two new Biofreeze® Pain Relief products, Biofreeze Pain Relieving Wipe and Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel with Hands-Free Applicator, provide patients with different ways to apply pain treatments, according to the manufacturer Hygenic Corporation.

    The company says the disposable Pain Relieving Wipes are the first of their kind and maintain a high level of potency to combat pain. Hygenic notes the product’s integrated cooling technology provides maximum intensity to relieve the deepest pain.

   The Biofreeze Gel with Hands-Free Applicator allows for hands-free pain relief with a delicate sponge applicator. As the company notes, when patients need a stronger massage for painful feet, they can remove the applicator and use the product by hand.

   Company: Hygenic Corporation
   Products: Biofreeze Pain Relieving Wipe and Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel with Hands-Free Applicator
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Keeping Feet Toasty And Supported

   A new sandal may offer plenty of arch support and also keep feet warm this winter.

   The Moszkito Archy Footwear Collection has expanded to include Fuzz for men and Fuzzy for women, new sandals made for the winter season. The manufacturer, Moszkito, says the recently introduced sheepskin sandal offers a 16 mm arch support and an adjustable sheepskin/suede upper. Patients can wear the sandals around the house for extra comfort or outside with the non-slip outsole.

   Moszkito says the shoes come in sizes 8-14 for men and sizes 5-11 for women.

   Company: Moszkito
   Product: Fuzz/Fuzzy Archy Footwear Sandal
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