New Products February 2009

Orthotics For Kids

   A new line of orthoses may provide relief for children suffering from flatfoot.

   ProLab Orthotics says the P3 Functional Kiddythotics™ provide effective orthotic therapy for young children with flexible flatfoot.

   The company says the functional prefabricated Kiddythotics are compromised of a rigid polypropylene shell, a deep heel cup, medial flange, medial heel skive, and a 4/4 rearfoot post.

   ProLab adds that new color-coded sizes are available.

   Company: ProLab Orthotics
   Product: P3 Functional Kiddythotics
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Simplifying The UseOf NPWT Dressings

   The debut of a new dressing may facilitate quicker and easier use of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) dressings with the VAC therapy system.

   The VAC® Simplace™ Dressing offers a newly designed VAC GranuFoam™ Dressing and a 3M™ Tegaderm™ Dressing, exclusively designed for use with the VAC therapy system, according to Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI).

   KCI says key benefits include the spiral-shaped and pre-scored GranuFoam dressing, which is easier to place into the wound site. In order to help facilitate optimal wound healing, the 3M Tegaderm dressing conforms to the body and flexes with the skin.

   Company: KCI
   Product: VAC® Simplace™ Dressing
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Slam-Dunk Orthotics

   A new orthotic may be just what basketball players are looking for on the court.

   Sportmaxx™ Pro Basketball orthotics have been designed for basketball athletes in order to provide improved support, according to the manufacturer Footmaxx. The company says the custom orthotics help control the biomechanics of athletes and the multi-directional demands on their feet.

   Sportmaxx adds that the orthotics also address the increased forefoot shock associated with steps on a basketball court and facilitate more shock absorption when athletes are jumping or quickly changing direction.

   Company: Footmaxx
   Product: Sportmaxx™ Pro Basketball Orthotics
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Treating Different Foot Types

   A new orthoses system offers a more detailed categorization of foot types to help facilitate improved results with custom orthoses prescriptions.

   Nolaro24, LLC says the RX24 Quadrastep System takes the medical model of 24 foot types and breaks them down into six subclassifications that group together similar foot types.

    The foot types include severe pes cavus, mild pes planus, neutral, moderate pes planus, abductovarus forefoot and severe planovalgus feet, according to Nolaro24, LLC.

   With each pair of orthoses, the company provides a patient education card that points out possible clinical symptoms, key foot attributes and gait characteristics. Nolaro24 says the RX24 Quadrastep System is easy to learn and reduces the need for costly and messy foot impressions.

   Company: Nolaro24
   Product: RX24
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Preventing And Treating Foot Fungus

   Chances are you have more than your share of athletic patients looking for possible remedies for athlete’s foot.

   Drymax Socks reportedly offer a dual layer design that helps keep feet dry and comfortable in cold, hot and even wet conditions, according to the product’s manufacturer Drymax Socks.

   The company maintains that Drymax fibers are hydrophobic. They do not wick and repel water, according to Drymax Socks. The company says these socks “dry at the speed of sweat.”

   Drymax Socks says independent laboratory tests confirm that its socks stay up to 25 times drier than socks made with wicking fibers.

   Company: Drymax
   Product: Drymax Socks
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Reinventing EMR

   Upgrades to an electronic medical record system can make it easier for physicians to improve their practice’s productivity.

   MediNotes Clinician™ Spring R2 is the latest version of the Internet-based practice management system, which offers e-prescribing and other features, according to the manufacturer MediNotes.

   The new features include a payments link to the practice’s current collection status as well as electronic billing of secondary claims, according to the company.

   The product also has an inventory module, activity detail report, guarantor options, the ability to sort lab orders and a link with the RealMed claims clearinghouse, says MediNotes. In addition, the company notes the availability of MediNotes e, an interoperable system that one can use with Clinician Spring R2.

   Company: MediNotes
   Product: MediNotes Clinician™ Spring R2
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Quick Orthotic Fabrication

   Busy podiatrists now have an option that can simplify the fabrication of orthoses.

   Quickstrip Sheets on a Wheel include four ½-inch wide strips of material in more than 24 different combinations of material, according to the manufacturer Acor. The company says this can make orthotic fabrication more efficient.

   Acor Orthopaedic says the material is cost effective and the roll configuration decreases the bulk of flat sheets.

   Acor also points out that the Quickstrip Sheets reduce wasted material and potential damage or discoloration of products.

   Company: Acor Orthopaedic
   Product: Quickstrip Sheets on a Wheel
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