New Products December 2009

Pain-Free Dressing Removal

   Removing wound dressings may cause discomfort for the patient, not to mention possible trauma to the wound.

   However, the Silvercel Non-Adherent antimicrobial dressing features a non-adherent layer that enables the dressing to control infection and minimize trauma with dressing changes, according to the product’s manufacturer Systagenix Wound Management.

   The company notes that the unique, non-adherent outer layer of the dressing provides gentle protection of the wound while allowing the unimpeded flow of exudate into the dressing. While the dressing conforms to the wound bed to ensure complete coverage when moist, the company says the dressings can be easily removed in one piece even as exudate levels reduce.

   Systagenix Wound Management says the Silvercel Non-Adherent dressing is effective against viruses, fungi and over 150 strains of clinically relevant microorganisms in vitro, including MRSA, MRSE and VRE.

Company: Systagenix Wound Management
Product: Silvercel Non-Adherent Dressing
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Increasing Circulation For Patients With Diabetes

   A new device may offer patients freedom and affordability in treating lower leg pain.

   Anodyne Therapy says its new Anodyne® Freedom 300 was created with ease of use in mind. Patients can now treat lower leg and foot pain at home with a device that quickly and effectively increases the circulation in the lower extremities, the company says.

   Anodyne Therapy says the product can be helpful for patients with diabetes who frequently deal with poor circulation. The company says the device is affordably priced at under $600.

   The company recently made donations to two non-profit organizations, Wound Care Haiti and the International Diabetes Federation’s Life For A Child Program.

Company: Anodyne Therapy
Product: Anodyne® Freedom 300
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