New Products August 2013

Comfort And Stability To The Max

A new custom-made orthotic may provide patients with the right amount of padding to encourage long-lasting comfort while promoting stability.

   The MaxxLife premium custom-made orthotic features a natural leather topcover and a Duramaxx module, which offers a low profile to improve motion control, explains the company Footmaxx.

   The MaxxLife orthotic also includes a polyurethane mid-layer reinforced with a suede bottom. The cushioned mid-layer reportedly increases shock absorption, according to the manufacturer. A polyurethane heel cushion and cap provide long-lasting comfort and stability, notes Footmaxx.

   Footmaxx offers a one-year guarantee on the MaxxLife orthotic. The company notes that the guarantee covers delamination, tearing or abnormal breaking of the leather topcover, delamination of the bottom reinforcement, and normal wear and tear on the components.

   MaxxLife is available in three lengths: full, sulcus and metatarsal.

Company: Footmaxx
Product: MaxxLife
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Innovation In Fixation

For podiatrists looking for an alternative fixation system, a new innovative design might be the answer.

   The ExtremiFuse Hammertoe Fixation System integrates an innovative quad barb design to an established screw technology, notes the manufacturer OsteoMed. The system’s self-drilling and self-tapping threaded implant provides easy insertion, which reduces the force needed to fully place the implant, explains OsteoMed.

   According to the company, additional features include multiple points of cortical contact and a unique rectangular design, both of which increase overall stability.

Company: OsteoMed
Product: ExtremiFuse Hammertoe Fixation System
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Pinning Down Efficient Fixation

A new drill pin system can make fixation more efficient in a variety of clinical situations.

   The Trim-It Drill Pin osteotomy fixation kit uses a standard quick-connect pin driver, which allows the surgeon to drill and place the pin in one step, notes the manufacturer Arthrex.

   Arthrex notes the Trim-It Drill Pin’s additional advantages include a pin that sits in any standard pin driver and superior shear strength in comparison to other absorbable pins. The product’s bioabsorbable advantages include radiolucency, predictable resorption with replacement by bone and no surrounding bone demineralization, according to the company.

   Arthrex says surgeons may use Trim-It Pins for first metatarsal bunionectomy procedures, proximal interphalangeal resection, ankle fractures and fixation of chondral fragments.

Company: Arthrex
Product: Trim-It Drill Pin
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The Silver Lining In Wound Care

A new wound management solution may offer superior results for podiatrists and their patients.

   SilverStream wound bed preparation contains a synergistic combination of silver ions and menthol. This allows for a very low concentration of silver ions that enhances the product’s effectiveness while being non-toxic and painless, according to Angelini Pharma.

   Clinicians can reportedly use SilverStream for the management and treatment of venous stasis ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, stage I-IV pressure ulcers and post-surgical wounds, according to Angelini Pharma. The company says clinicians can use SilverStream for both the initial treatment of bioburden and in continually facilitating the wound healing process.

   SilverStream has an 18-month shelf life at room temperature and a 28-day shelf life after one opens the product, according to Angelini Pharma.

Company: Angelini Pharma
Product: SilverStream
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