New Products August 2012

New Solution For Fusion Fixation

A new fusion device may enhance arthrodesis fixation in lower extremity surgery.

   The Integra® IPP-ON® PIP Fusion System can be beneficial in fixating proximal interphalangeal joint (PIPJ) arthrodesis, notes the manufacturer Integra LifeSciences. The company notes the product’s indications for lesser toes with rigid or semi-rigid hammertoe deformity, for revision of failed arthroplasty or arthrodesis, and for second toe shortening.

   Integra says the fusion system gives surgeons a straightforward, one-piece alternative to hammertoe fixation. The company says the IPP-ON PIP Fusion System is a stainless steel device that offers both cortical and cancellous fixation, and is available in two sizes to accommodate varying patient anatomy.

Company: Integra LifeSciences
Product: Integra® IPP-ON® PIP Fusion System
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A Bridge To Diabetic Foot Ulcer Healing

Given the complications that can arise from the plantar surface of diabetic foot ulcers, it is crucial to have a system to deliver negative pressure wound therapy to the at-risk area.

   The SNaP® Wound Care System Bridge Dressing covers the plantar surface of the foot. It is designed to remove hard pressure points from the weightbearing surface and facilitate the continuous delivery of negative pressure wound therapy, notes the manufacturer Spiracur. The company notes that one can use the dressing with an offloading device such as a protective boot.

   Spiracur adds that the SNaP Bridge Dressing can help reduce the complications associated with diabetic foot ulcers, including amputation.

Company: Spiracur
Product: SNaP® Wound Care System Bridge Dressing
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Using A Percutaneous Approach For The Calcaneus

When performing surgery on calcaneal fractures, a new percutaneous plating system may help provide the results you seek.

   The VLP Foot Percutaneous Calcaneus Plating System provides surgeons with dedicated instruments that assist with plate insertion and fracture reduction, according to the manufacturer Smith and Nephew. The product has a streamlined profile and tapered edges, and the company adds that it is also the only plating system to offer variable-angle locking technology. The VLP Foot Percutaneous Calcaneus Plating System is also the only plating system with four different screw options. These options can help address differences in bone quality, according to the company.

   Smith and Nephew acknowledges that podiatric surgery has evolved to include more percutaneous techniques. The company says the percutaneous approach can reduce postoperative problems in soft tissue following surgery for calcaneal fractures.

Company: Smith and Nephew
Product: VLP Foot Percutaneous Calcaneus Plating System
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Insoles That Keep Feet Safe Through Summer

The casual flip-flops patients wear in the summer can expose patients to more stress than normal but new insoles may add biomechanical support.

   Footlabs Orthotics Insoles include custom-made insoles that can reduce the strain that the summer months can place on the feet, according to the manufacturer Footlabs. The company utilizes clinical tools such as in-shoe pressure analysis and high definition video analysis to identify biomechanical issues and facilitate optimal prescriptions.

   Footlabs says the insoles can help ensure optimal foot position to firmly support the body and help to increase comfort and reduce pain.

Company: Footlabs
Product: Footlabs Orthotic Insoles
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