New Products August 2010

Optimizing The Power Of Silver

A tried-and-true line of silver dressings is getting an expansion.

   The Acticoat brand of dressings is branching out with the launch of the Acticoat Flex 7 Ribbon and Acticoat Post-Op antimicrobial dressings. Both use nanocrystalline silver as a barrier to more than 150 pathogens, including 188 strains of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), according to the manufacturer Smith and Nephew.

   As the company notes, Acticoat can help reduce the risk of post-surgery infection and the new products reportedly work well with ankle fractures.

   The Acticoat Post-Op dressing is available in a 4 x 13¾ size to accommodate larger incision sites, according to Smith and Nephew. The company notes that the product has an absorbent hydrocellular foam core, which provides cushioning and comfort, and IV 3000, a waterproof top film that offers protection from exogenous bacteria.

   The company says the Acticoat Flex 7 maintains contact with irregular wound surfaces and wound areas (like cavity wounds with tunneling or undermining) that are hard to dress. Due to the ribbon’s antimicrobial barrier and its ability to allow fluid to pass through, Smith and Nephew notes the product is compatible with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) for a period of up to three days.

Company: Smith and Nephew
Products: Acticoat Post-Op, Acticoat Flex 7 Ribbon
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Nailing Down Ankle Fusion

Foot and ankle surgeons will soon have a new option for ankle joint fusion.

   The Valor® Hindfoot Fusion Nail includes an internal compression system, which permits the surgeon to control compression between bone surfaces and help facilitate ankle fusion, according to Wright Medical, the manufacturer of the device.

   The company notes the product can aid ankle fusion in cases of skeletal deformity, late-stage arthritis or diabetic complications such as neuro-osteoarthropathy.

   Wright Medical says the Valor Hindfoot Fusion Nail comes in a variety of sizes and anatomical screw positions. As the company notes, with the rising incidence of diabetes, an increasing number of patients may require a nail option for limb salvage.

Company: Wright Medical
Product: Valor® Hindfoot Fusion Nail
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