New Products April 2013

Crutch-Free Ambulation

Are you looking for a new offloading device?

   Utilizing patented prosthetic suspension technology, the Toad Anti-Gravity (TAG) Foot Brace provides complete offloading of the foot and ankle complex, according to the manufacturer Toad Medical Corporation. In addition to eliminating pressure and shear, the manufacturer says the brace is reportedly successful in patients weighing up to 530 pounds.

   By allowing unaided ambulation, the TAG Foot Brace enables patients to properly maintain leg strength so there is minimal atrophy of the supporting muscles in the thigh and hip, adds the manufacturer. In addition to the brace being indicated for diabetic foot ulcers and venous stasis ulcers, the manufacturer says the brace can be helpful in the postoperative management of lower limb fractures, metatarsal fractures and reconstruction procedures involving the foot and ankle.

Company: Toad Medical Corporation
Product: Toad Anti-Gravity (TAG) Foot Brace
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More Options For Lesser Digit Fixation

An established brand for metatarsal resurfacing now has additional options for lesser metatarsals.

   OsteoMed has introduced EnCompass Lessers, low-profile implants that promote minimal bone resection. The four-finned stem and reverse cutting teeth prevent implant rotation and pullout, according to OsteoMed. The manufacturer adds that the titanium plasma spray and hydroxyapatite coating encourage osseointegration. Maintaining all of the reliable, easy-to-use qualities of the EnCompass Metatarsal Resurfacing Implant for the first MPJ, the EnCompass Lessers offer a streamlined technique and calibrated instrumentation that allow for precise decompression of the joint, according to OsteoMed.

Company: OsteoMed
Product: EnCompass Lessers
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Dressing For Success

Podiatrists looking for a more effective way to dress wounds may want to consider the SNaP SecurRing™ Hydrocolloid, which can reportedly facilitate applications of the SNaP Wound Care System.

   According to the manufacturer Spiracur, the SNaP SecurRing Hydrocolloid is a sterile, moldable and absorptive wound care product designed to fill uneven skin surfaces and mold around wounds in challenging anatomical locations. Spiracur says the SNaP SecurRing Hydrocolloid will decrease dressing application time and cost by reducing the need for adjunct products necessary to protect the wound from excess moisture and leaks. The product is intended for patients with DFUs, plantar wounds and ray amputations, notes Spiracur.

Company: Spiracur
Product: SNaP SecurRing™ Hydrocolloid
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