New Products April 2009

A Closer Look At A New NPWT Device

   A new negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) device may offer a variety of benefits for patients.

   Smith and Nephew says the Renasys EZ™ System is designed for ease of use as well as improved comfort for patients being treated with NPWT.

   The Renasys EZ System allows one to administer varying levels of pressure, ranging from 40 to 200 mmHg, according to the manufacturer. The company says clinicians can use Renasys EZ on surgical, traumatic or chronic wounds depending on the wound characteristics and the individual needs of the patient.

   The company says other features of the Renasys EZ System include quick-click connectors (that may help reduce the risk of error) as well as safety alarms and a patient lock-out feature that alert clinicians to changes in pressure status or pump function.

Company: Smith and Nephew
Product: Renasys EZ™ System
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Simpler Dressing For DFUs

   A new dressing kit may help simplify the application of dressings for chronic diabetic foot ulcerations (DFUs).

   Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI) has announced the debut of the VAC GranuFoam™ Bridge Dressing Kit.

   The features of the VAC GranuFoam Bridge Dressing kit include:

   • a pre-formed bridge that allows physicians to place the SensaTRAC™ Pad away from hard-to-access wound sites;
   • a dressing with a new wicking layer to prevent damage to intact skin; and
   • pre-sized dressing inserts, designed for DFUs, that may help reduce the need for resizing of dressings.

Company: KCI
Product: VAC GranuFoam™ Bridge Dressing Kit
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How About Portable NPWT?

   Providing wound care for active patients can be challenging but a new device may help facilitate appropriate care while maintaining patient dignity.

   Smith and Nephew says the Renasys™ Go is a portable NPWT device geared toward the needs of active patients. The lightweight and quiet device allows for improved accessibility to care and increased comfort for patients, according to the company.

   Smith and Nephew says the Renasys Go device weighs less than three pounds, offers user-friendly digital settings that reduce the risk of errors, and has a frosted canister that minimizes the visibility of exudate.

Company: Smith and Nephew
Product: Renasys™ Go
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