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Orthotics For Athletes

   A new athletic orthotic may be beneficial for patients who have different athletic activities.

   Sportmaxx™ is the newest orthotic in the Footmaxx family and the company says it may enhance athletic performance, help patients heal from injuries and provide extra support.

   The product is specially made for active patients and allows for use in a variety of sports and activities, according to Footmaxx. The company says the custom made orthotic was designed to provide support while allowing motion control and shock absorption. While the Sportmaxx is lightweight and flexible, Footmaxx says the product provides solid biomechanical control.

   Company: Footmaxx
   Product: Sportmaxx™ Orthotics
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Cleanser For Cuts

   A new over-the-counter cleanser may provide a faster way to heal everyday cuts.

   Microcyn® Wound Care OTC is a cleanser used to moisten wound dressings and help clean minor cuts and burns.

   The manufacturer, Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc., cites a demand in the U.S. for Microcyn to be released for OTC use.

   The company says Microcyn Wound Care OTC is easy to use, requires no preparation and is safe to use near sensitive areas of the skin. The company says the product will provide a worthwhile wound care alternative.

   Company: Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc.
   Product: Microcyn® Wound Care OTC
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Simpler Sway Analysis

   New software may simplify the way physicians detect, measure and analyze sway, balance and posture.

   The Sway Analysis Module (SAM), the newest software from Tekscan, Inc., may help detect problems that are not as evident during the clinical exam. The company notes the SAM may also help to detect musculoskeletal and neurological problems.

   The Sway Analysis Module may help detect, in addition to other parameters, the relative percent weightbearing of the body between feet and within each foot (rearfoot versus forefoot), according to Tekscan.

   One would use the product with a Tekscan floor mat on a hard, flat surface. Tekscan says the product is easy to use and transport.

   Company: Tekscan, Inc.
   Product: Sway Analysis Module (SAM)
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