New Products

Combating Sore Feet

Two new gel cushions may provide just the right amount of padding to alleviate foot soreness while allowing flexibility.

      The Slim-Gel Fit™ line may help protect against shear forces, abrasions, friction and other pressure on the feet, according to the manufacturer Silipos.

      The company says the Slim-Gel Fit line contains a strap that allows the gel pads to be worn on either the left or the right foot.

      Silipos says these products also include a metatarsal pad and bunion sleeve. The company says the gel pad can fit comfortably into most dress, casual or athletic shoes, and remain secure during use.

Company: Silipos
Product: Slim-Gel Fit™

Facilitating Heel Pain Relief

A new splint may provide patients with an effective yet comfortable option for heel pain.

      The Exoform® Dorsal Night Splint may allow heel pain sufferers to sleep comfortably while providing adequate support. The adjustable splint allows for flexibility and comfort while maintaining an 85- to 90-degree angle to relieve heel pain, according to the manufacturer Ossur.

      Ossur says the Exoform Dorsal Night Splint is made of a patent-pending support shell to maintain the angle of the foot for healing purposes.

      Ossur notes that the product also has a patent pending Flex Edge, which may help eliminate discomfort and pressure points, and a full calf and heel strap to maintain position through the night.

Company: Ossur
Product: Exoform® Dorsal Night Splint

Looking For Better Post-Op Tendon Strength?

A new product could help patients regain tendon motion in feet shortly after surgery.

      A technology used in flexor tendons of the hand has been approved for use in the foot. The TenoFix is made of stainless steel and can capture the internal tendon fibers in lateral compression, points out the manufacturer Ortheon Medical.

      The company maintains that the TenoFix may help repair and rebuild tendon strength sooner than current suture methods.

      Ortheon Medical says the TenoFix system could potentially reduce costs for patients as the system may facilitate a more agressive post-op protocol and faster treatment results.

Company: Ortheon Medical
Product: TenoFix System for Feet

Providing The Max Fit For The Foot

A new footwear catalog may prove to be a hit with your patients.

      The Footmaxx™ footwear catalog features brands such as Clarks, Rockport® Sketchers and Mizuno® and others, according to Footmaxx.

      The company emphasizes that all Footmaxx shoes include custom orthotics in order to help facilitate optimal biomechanical control. It adds that the orthotics are specifically designed to complement the characteristics of the footwear.

Company: Footmaxx
Product: Footmaxx™ Footwear Catalog

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