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New Options For Healing Damaged Skin

Podiatrists may have two new options in their dermatology armamentarium.

Kerol Emulsion and Kerol ZX can help promote healing of hyperkeratotic conditions such as psoriasis, xerosis and eczema, according to the manufacturer PharmaDerm.

The company notes that physicians can also use the Kerol products to treat dry skin and damaged nails.

PharmaDerm says the Kerol products contain zinc undecylate and lactic acid, which gently dissolve the intercellular matrix and loosen the horny outer layer of skin to reveal healthy skin below.

Company: PharmaDerm
Product: Kerol Emulsion, Kerol ZX
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Orthotic Option For Patients With Diabetes

A new orthotic may help reduce shear forces for high-risk patients with diabetes.

The Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic offers an advanced combination of materials to help reduce plantar ulceration and prevent amputation, according to the manufacturer Vasyli Medical. The company says it developed the product with David Armstrong, DPM, PhD.

Vasyli Medical says the Armstrong orthotic provides a heat moldable EVA base with a Teflon layer to reduce shear, and has a Sorbon layer for comfort. The orthotic also features a complete layer of memory foam to reduce plantar pressure and an Outlast top cover to control temperature and eliminate “hot spots.”
Another benefit is patented Glidesoft technology. Vasyli Medical says the orthotic is clinically proven to reduce shear force by over 50 percent in a high-risk diabetic foot.

Company: Vasyli Medical
Product: The Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic
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Moisturizer Offers Protection For Diabetic Skin

A new moisturizer may provide the answer for skin disorder prevention and treatment in patients with diabetes.
Cabot P.O.L. Cream can help provide relief for chronic itch, severely dry skin and irritation caused by fluid loss that is common in patients with diabetes, according to the manufacturer Cooperlabs.

Gentle enough for fragile skin, P.O.L. cream also stimulates skin regeneration and promotes a more rapid healing environment, according to the company.

Cooperlabs says P.O.L. cream contains a 25% pure omental lipids formula, which is rich with nutrients and germ fighting cells. P.O.L. cream also contains vitamin A, which helps stimulate new skin cells, and vitamin E, an antioxidant for protection. The company adds that the ingredient of allantoin facilitates healthy tissue formation and eliminates chapping and cracking.
Cooperlabs says the P.O.L. cream benefits other patients in need of skin regeneration and notes that the product has been used in podiatry offices, burn centers, dermatology clinics and nursing homes.

Company: Cooperlabs
Product: Cabot P.O.L. Cream
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Step Into An Extra Spring

A new orthotic may prove to be beneficial for active patients looking for relief.

Sher-Sport™ Orthotic may help cushion active feet in high impact environments, according to the manufacturer Sroufe Healthcare Products.

The company says the orthotic “offers high energy return after absorbing the high impact from each heel strike for an ‘extra’ spring.

Sher-Sport is made of high rebound polyurethane and the top cover is treated with Sroufe’s antimicrobial polyester fabric, according to the company. It notes that this antimicrobial fabric increases product life and reduces odor.

Sroufe says the Sher-Sport offers a thick forefoot area that is ideal for sneakers or work boots.

Company: Sroufe Healthcare Products
Product: Sher-Sport™ Orthotic
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