May 2013

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   Jeffrey Bowman, DPM, MS, cites several advantages to arthroscopic procedures. He notes that since the incisions are small, there is less chance of infection and in some cases, patients can walk the day of surgery or the next day. Minimal dissection also means less pain and swelling, according to Dr. Bowman, a Past President of the Texas Podiatric Medical Association.

   How patients fare in the long term following arthroscopy for talar defects depends on what age patients undergo the procedure as well as their weight and overall health, notes Dr. Bowman. If patients have the procedure at an early age, he has found it is more likely they may need an additional procedure if they are active. Patients who have arthroscopic procedures for talar defects in their 50s or 60s tend to have more lasting results, which he most likely attributes to less activity in their lifestyle.

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