Kit Offers Post-Op Wound Care In One Convenient And Effective Package

Lauren Grant, Editorial Assistant

   When it comes to ensuring proper postoperative care for wounds, patient adherence can be a problem. Additionally, many patients may not be able to afford the follow-up visits needed for proper postoperative wound care. However, a convenient package of wound care products may help address these concerns.

   The AmeriGel Post-Op Surgical Kit includes several products that can fight infection and heal wounds quickly, according to the manufacturer AmerX Health Care. The company says the Post-Op Surgical Kit includes AmeriGel Wound Dressing, AmeriGel Saline Wound Wash, 30 latex-free fabric bandages, and 30 four-ply non-woven 2x2 gauze pads, enough for 30 days of post-op care. AmerX Health Care notes its AmeriGel products use an oak extract called Oakin™, which contains tannins that reportedly enhance wound healing.

   AmerX Health Care recommends the Post-Op Surgical Kit for patients following nail surgery, wart removal or wound debridement. The company says the kit is not only a cost-effective option for patients but also effectively eliminates patient soaking, reduces healing times by 20 to 50 percent and provides an antimicrobial and antifungal barrier to the wound.

   The kit includes a wound dressing that kills 99.2 percent of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in 24 hours, according to the company. AmerX Health Care says the kit also comes with helpful patient instruction sheets.

Pertinent Insights On Improving Patient Adherence And Reducing Complications

   Scott Shields, DPM, has been recommending the AmerX Post-Op Surgical Kits to patients for the last two years.

    “We have enjoyed the convenience of the kits and the healing results we see,” says Dr. Shields.

   In his practice at the Northwest Foot and Ankle Center in Enid, Okla., Dr. Shields and his colleagues offer the kits to every patient who has had a matrixectomy. Dr. Shields feels the kits do help in the healing process. He says another benefit of the kit is that they do not see the allergic reactions they sometimes see with Neosporin.

   Lora Baker, DPM, recommends the use of these kits on a daily basis after every nail procedure.

    “The AmeriGel Post-Op Surgical Kit can eliminate the need for soaking after nail procedures and, in this high-paced world, many people do not have time to sit and soak their feet,” explains Dr. Baker, who practices at Allentown Family Foot Care in Allentown, Pa.

   Before she offered the kit to patients, Dr. Baker says many patients were not adherent. Previously, she saw “a high incidence of phenol reactions and secondary infections following nail procedures.

    “The kit has helped to significantly decrease these complications,” points out Dr. Baker, a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

   Dr. Baker explains that many patients praise the convenience of the product and the detailed patient instructions.

    “It (the AmeriGel Post-Op Surgical Kit) has allowed patients to obtain an effective product with all of the dressing and cleansing needs right at the time of service,” notes Dr. Baker. “We often will see patients come back, after their problem has resolved, to purchase a refill of the kit because they felt it was such an effective product.”

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