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Pearls On Treating Plantar Fasciitis In Athletes

Dianne Mitchell, DPM, FAAPSM, FACFAOM | 534 reads | 0 comments

As podiatrists, we see plantar fasciitis in our offices many times each day, especially in athletes. We know what it is and have a good idea of what causes it.

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New Products August 2014

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Patients with non-unions may get back on their feet quicker with a new and improved bone healing system.

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When Shoe Companies Make Misleading Health Claims About Their Products

Kevin A. Kirby, DPM | 813 reads | 0 comments

Since 2011, three major shoe manufacturers have been involved in class action suits that involve health claims they made about their shoes. In all three cases, the shoe companies were required to pay multi-million dollar settlements due to health claims they promoted about their shoes in their television, magazine and shoe store advertisements. The judges in these cases found that none of these three shoe manufactures could provide sufficient scientific research to support the health claims they prominently advertised for their shoes.