Volume 20 - Issue 7 - July 2007

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Covering Every Angle

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A new Doppler can document a patient’s vascular status from a number of angles.

The Smartdop® 30EX is a lightweight, portable, bidirectional Doppler with a printer and large LCD display, according to the manufacturer Koven Technology. The device has an automatic cuff inflator which the company says aids in fast and accurate testing for ankle-brachial indices and tibial-brachial indices.
With the Smartdop 30EX, one can use the Smart-V-Link® Software to save up to 30 waveforms. The company says one can calculate ratios automatically and optional PPG models are ava

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Taking To The Sky But Staying Connected To The Earth

By John H. McCord, DPM | 1548 reads | 0 comments

Making hospital rounds to care for patients with infections and diabetic wounds is at times depressing. This morning’s rounds were particularly difficult.
My first patient was a 53-year-old heavy equipment operator who had just lost his fourth and fifth rays due to diabetes and gangrene. It is not likely that the wound will heal. He is single and does not get many visitors. He seems sad and tired of fighting.
My second patient is a 47-year-old high school teacher. She is in denial about the seriousness of her mixed infection that is destroying her foot and leg. She keeps talking about nee

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Harkless Heads Up New Podiatry School

By Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor | 10462 reads | 0 comments

The podiatry profession will welcome its ninth college under the leadership of a DPM with decades of experience in education.

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Another View On Scope Of Practice Challenges

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I recently read the article, “Scope of Practice: Where Things Stand” (see page 36, May issue). I had to refrain from laughing when I compare the problems with scope of practice in the United States to what the situation is in Ontario. Indeed, a brief historical overview of the situation of podiatrists in Ontario is warranted so your American readers can appreciate our frustration.

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A Closer Look At The Research Behind MIRE Therapy

By Lawrence Lavery, DPM, MPH | 12943 reads | 0 comments

Monochromatic infrared light energy (MIRE) therapy is controversial. Do you prescribe this therapy? How can infrared light reverse sensory neuropathy or heal ulcers?

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Expert Pointers On Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Clinical Editor: Lawrence Karlock, DPM | 23993 reads | 0 comments

Given the increasing use of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) to spur wound healing, our expert panelists return for the second part of this Q&A discussion on NPWT (see “Inside Insights On Negative Pressure Wound Therapy,” page 24, May issue). They offer specific pearls on the use of NPWT, how to combine the modality with skin grafts and silver dressings, and tips for avoiding wound maceration.

Q: Do you have any pearls for using negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)?
Eric Travis, DPM, utilizes VAC therapy (KCI) mostly at 125 mmHg of continuous suction. For a fragile w

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