Volume 20 - Issue 4 - April 2007

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Essential Insights On Flexor Tendon Transfers

By Babak Baravarian, DPM | 19167 reads | 0 comments

It would be safe to say that among foot deformities, lesser digital deformities are one of the most common and one of the most complicated problems. The etiology and mechanism of action of the deformities have been well established. In order to best fix the deformity, the surgeon must have a good knowledge of the specific anatomy as well as the intricate biomechanics within the digits.
The mechanism of action for the development of hammertoes, mallet toes and clawtoes has been established in the literature. It is beyond the scope of this article to expound on the anatomy and the etiology of

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What You Should Do If You Get A Summons

By Robert L. Goldstucker, JD | 5741 reads | 0 comments

Being sued by a patient can result n a range of emotions and confusion regarding the legal process. This attorney helps you navigate the legal process from the time one receives the summons to the deposition and settlement process.

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Pertinent Pointers On DVT Prophylaxis

By Mario Ponticello, DPM, and John Steinberg, DPM | 16181 reads | 0 comments

The incorporation of an evidence-based approach in modern medicine is in line with Einstein’s comment that “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” The evolution of evidence-based medicine requires curiosity and a hunger for knowledge. Often, searching for answers only raises more questions and this is certainly the case with deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
Research in the area of DVT has resulted in a wealth of knowledge in the medical and general surgical arenas. Unfortunately, little has been written about DVT within the podiatric literature. Orthopedic writings on DVT prop

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Pertinent Pearls On Treating Overuse Injuries In Endurance Athletes

By Kirk M. Herring, DPM, MS | 8870 reads | 0 comments

Overuse injuries represent the single largest classification of sports-related injuries that require medical attention. All too often, athletes report these injuries to the sports medicine specialist after weeks, if not months, of denial and failed self-treatment. However, with the recent advances in medicine today, injured athletes can recover from injuries that otherwise could end their athletic pursuits.
Endurance athletes, especially runners and cyclists, traditionally have a high risk of lower back, hip and lower extremity overuse injury.1-5 During the running boom of the ‘

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Shield Wounds With Silver

4129 reads | 0 comments

When faced with wounds, one might want to utilize the healing power of silver.

   The Silver Shield Silver Antimicrobial Skin Wound Gel offers a clear and amorphous hydrogel that does not irritate, stain or discolor tissue, according to the product’s manufacturer Anacapa Technologies, Inc.

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Can A New Orthotic Redefine Perceptions About Prefabs?

By Aaron Becker, Special Projects Editor | 3669 reads | 0 comments

While there are plenty of prefabricated orthotics on the market, many of them do not provide the levels of comfort and pain relief that most custom orthotics can offer.

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