Volume 19 - Issue 8 - August 2006

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Nine Ways To Enhance Office Revenue

By Anthony Leone, Special Projects Editor | 10652 reads | 0 comments

   Perhaps your staff is battling an insurance company for appropriate reimbursement on a handful of claims. Perhaps you are wrestling with declining accounts receivable. Perhaps you are referring patients to other sources when you could be handling more of their DME needs. Perhaps you are debating whether you can afford to invest in new diagnostic technology for your practice.

   Needless to say, office revenue affects nearly every aspect of maintaining and expanding a thriving practice. With this in mind, we turned to leading practitioners and practice mana

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Competitive Bidding: Will It Compromise Podiatric Care For Patients?

By Jeff Hall, Executive Editor | 2374 reads | 0 comments

   Imagine this scenario. A 75-year-old patient presents to a podiatric surgeon for treatment of a fracture of the fifth metatarsal base tuberosity. Instead of placing the patient in a walker, the podiatrist gives the patient crutches so he or she can see a CMS-approved durable medical equipment (DME) supplier in order to get the walker. The DPM just hopes the walker is correctly sized, modified when necessary and applied correctly.

   Indeed, this may become the new reality as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a competitive bi

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Ankle Sprains: How To Evaluate An Athlete's Ability To Return To Play

By Douglas Richie Jr., DPM | 38950 reads | 0 comments

   One of the biggest challenges in a sports medicine practice is deciding when an athlete has sufficiently recovered from an injury and can return to his or her sport. Often, the podiatric physician is under pressure from various sources to return the athlete back to play quickly after injury. More often than not, it is not the athlete who puts the pressure on the doctor. Rather, it is a coach or parent who wants the athlete back in action as soon as possible.

   If an athlete returns to play before an injury has adequately healed, there is a risk of re-in

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Dressing Facilitates Wound Healing Principles For A Variety Of Ulcers

By Anthony Leone, Special Projects Editor | 3377 reads | 0 comments

   When looking for a wound care product that offers antimicrobial properties, provides effective debridement and facilitates a moist wound care environment, podiatrists may want to consider the AmeriGel Wound Dressing.
As if these benefits were not enough, one can use the dressing to treat a variety of wounds, including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, post-surgical incisions and first- and second-degree burns.

   R. Daniel Davis, DPM, says the topical medication is an affordable and effective option in his armamentarium.


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New Products

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More Specific Orthotics

Do you need orthotics that are specifically tailored to the pathologies of your patients?

   You may not need to look any further than three new Pathology Specific Orthoses. ProLab Orthotics/USA says it designed the three new orthotics to meet the specific pathomechanics of each diagnosis. Understanding the pathomechanics of each patient’s diagnosis is essential to ensuring optimum treatment outcomes, according to the company.

   With the three new Pathology Specific Orthoses, ProLab now offers a total of 14

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Giving Last Rites To Failed Equipment

By John H. McCord, DPM | 2277 reads | 0 comments

   I do not care much for equipment failures. If you take good care of your stuff and do not abuse your equipment and instruments, they should last forever or at least for another three years until I retire. Tell that to my cast saw.

   A patient of mine fell off her horse and broke her lateral malleolus. Since the fracture was slightly displaced and the patient was a real macho cowgirl, I felt that a fiberglass walking cast with a couple of extra rolls was the safest way to go. She griped and complained while I was putting on the cast. She said she wouldn’