Volume 19 - Issue 2 - February 2006

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Bracing Patients For PTTD

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When treating patients for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), you may want to try a new brace.

The AirLift PTTD Brace can provide arch support for patients with PTTD or for those with early symptoms of adult-acquired flatfoot, according to the device’s manufacturer, Aircast. The prefabricated brace features integrated aircells. When these aircells are inflated, they accommodate various arch shapes and heights, lifting the arch to achieve a more natural foot position, according to the company.
The company notes the AirLift’s design allows patients to slip the foot into the ba

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Revisiting My Stance On Ultrasound Machines

By John H. McCord, DPM | 4804 reads | 0 comments

   I keep a one-eyed monster locked in the staff bathroom of my clinic. I am not afraid of the thing. There just is not another practical space to store it and I am kind of embarrassed about having it. It is a diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound machine.

   Most DPMs would be proud to have this stylish symbol of high-tech medicine displayed where all could see it. I keep mine hidden because I am the guy who authored a very negative editorial about diagnostic ultrasound units in podiatry offices.

   I encountered a bunch of salespeople at the