Volume 15 - Issue 1 - January 2002

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Is Injection Therapy The Best Solution For Foot Neuromas?

Gary Dockery, DPM | 1807 reads | 0 comments

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Is Injection Therapy The Best Solution For Foot Neuromas?

Gary Dockery, DPM | 1793 reads | 0 comments

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Is Injection Therapy The Best Solution for Foot Neuromas?

Gary Dockery, DPM | 127074 reads | 0 comments

Foot neuromas are very common findings, especially those that are termed intermetatarsal neuromas (or interdigital neuromas). The painful condition is believed to be caused by sensory nerve irritation, injury or abnormal mechanics of the foot. Yes, there are conservative care modalities as well as surgical treatment measures. However, I believe chemical neurolysis (using a dilute solution of ethyl alcohol) gives us a viable alternative for treating the foot neuroma as it has fewer potential complications and up to an 89 percent success rate.1
First things first. When it comes to diagnosing ne

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Should You Use Oral Drugs For Onychomycosis?

By Richard Pollak, DPM, MS | 7477 reads | 0 comments

Patients with onychomycosis are becoming increasingly aware that oral antifungals have the potential to cure their underlying infections, yet a recent study finds the majority of podiatrists continue to rely largely on debridement to provide symptomatic relief. As a profession, we’re quite knowledgeable about the various approaches to treating onychomycosis, but this study reveals that current treatment practices are aligned only partially with patients’ attitudes and behaviors regarding their infections. The study, a survey of over 900 onychomycosis patients and over 600 doctors conducted

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How To Create An Effective Business Plan

By Michael Metzger, DPM, MBA | 12620 reads | 0 comments

Whether you are a new practitioner opening your first office or a veteran DPM setting up shop in a new location, having an effective business plan is a necessity.
The business plan is a promotional selling document. Indeed, it is a major tool for selling your business to a banker. It is to the banker what the history and physical are for physicians.Since a major audience for your business plan consists of higher-ups at the bank, the black and white of your plan is far more important than a winning personality. Gone are the days when you could stroll into the bank, say you are going to do the

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Can Bisphosphonates Lead To Better Charcot Treatment?

By William Scott Rogers | 13825 reads | 0 comments

When managing patients in the acute phase of Charcot neuroarthropathy, the hallmark of treatment is immobilization and non-weightbearing of the affected foot until the destructive nature of this stage disappears and the coalescence stage begins. In the past decade, researchers have hypothesized that using bisphosphonates in acute Charcot patients can decrease pathological fractures and permanent deformity, which commonly occur in these patients.If this is true, then using bisphosphonates may also lead to less deformity, shorter treatment time, a decreased need for revisional surgery, decreased

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