Volume 18 - Issue 2 - February 2005

Practice Builders »

Secrets To Bolstering Patient Satisfaction

By David Edward Marcinko, MBA, CFP, CMP, and Gary L. Bode, CPA, MSA | 7650 reads | 0 comments

   Most podiatrists equate marketing with advertising. However, advertising is the most expensive and often least effective facet of services marketing. Internal marketing is the most cost effective, most time effective and usually the most dignified form of marketing. Internal marketing within your practice occurs continuously even if you are unaware of it.

   Patient satisfaction opens the door to internal marketing of your practice and comprises the bulk of services marketing. We all know DPMs who are only average clinically but do extremely well. Conversely

Sports Medicine »

A Closer Look At Eczematous Dermatitis In Athletes

By Mark A. Caselli, DPM | 18144 reads | 0 comments

   Pruritis, or generalized itching, is the most common presenting skin complaint. It can be a particularly annoying and sometimes debilitating problem for athletes, who place great demands on their skin. Since pruritis may be caused by a particular skin disease or may occur without evidence of any specific skin disorder, diagnosis can be challenging for the clinician.

   Making the diagnosis even more difficult is the fact that athletes often attempt various treatment regimens, including the use of over-the-counter remedies, which can alter the appearance of t

Editor's Perspective »

Cigna Settlement: A Call To Political Action?

By Jeff Hall, Executive Editor | 2940 reads | 0 comments

   $11,550,000. That is the settlement fund that DPMs and other specialty care providers will be able to draw from after enduring years of billing disputes with Cigna Healthcare. In December, the insurer decided to settle a national class action lawsuit filed by specialty health care providers and associated state and national associations including the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

   How significant is the settlement? In terms of the immediate financial remuneration, one podiatrist calls it a “drop in the bucket” compared to the revenue