Volume 17 - Issue 11 - November 2004

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Revisiting The DPM/MD Debate

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   We certainly agree that the DPM/MD or DPM/DO agree is not for John McCord, DPM (“Should We Add ‘MD’ To Our Credentials?,” page 74, September issue). This forward-looking concept is directed at the future of podiatric medicine, not the past or present. It would not be effective from a time or cost perspective for a practitioner such as Dr. McCord, with 29 years under his belt, to go back to school, pass tests or complete rotations.

   The concept of the dual degree is part of an evolutionary process that has elevated a former trade into a bona fide r

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Assessing The Potential Wound Healing Abilities Of Ciclopirox

By Gary L. Dockery, DPM, FACFAS | 10694 reads | 0 comments

   Ciclopirox has been well documented as a broad-spectrum antifungal agent with additional antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties.1-3 However, in recent studies reported by Linden, et al., ciclopirox has also demonstrated potent angiogenic activity, which suggests that the drug may have certain wound-healing properties.4 If this is borne out by larger studies in the future, ciclopirox may possess a significant advantage in treating fungal infections in high-risk patients.

   These high-risk patients may include those who suffer fro

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How To Detect And Treat Tarsal Coalitions

By Justin Franson, DPM, and Babak Baravarian, DPM | 32041 reads | 0 comments

   A 20-year-old male presents to your office with a painful sinus tarsi, medial arch and a history of recurrent ankle sprains over the last few years. The pain seems to limit his activities more and more, and he is frustrated with his lack of improvement. He has seen a few doctors for this problem, and has been treated with orthotics, ankle braces, physical therapy and NSAIDs. He wants to know why he is not getting better and what you can do to get him back to playing tennis.

   The majority of patients who walk (or limp) into our offices have conditions that

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What You Should Know About Using Silver Products In Wound Care

Clinical Editor: Lawrence Karlock, DPM | 108858 reads | 1 comments

   Whether it is used as a topical ingredient or a dressing ingredient, the use of silver in treating wounds has been around for quite some time. Silver has an array of beneficial effects in promoting healing. Given the potential of silver in the wound care arena, our expert panelists take a closer look at the history of silver in wound care, key indications and their experience with the different modalities that contain silver.

   Q: Historically, how has topical silver been used in wound care?

   A: The panelists note that silver has

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Revisiting A Proven Approach To Severe Ankle Instability

By Jesse Burks, DPM | 7405 reads | 0 comments

   Severe, acute or repetitive chronic inversion ankle sprains can often result in lateral instability of the lateral ankle complex. Although one can treat the vast majority of these conditions conservatively, a significant and unresponsive case may require surgical intervention. Over the course of the past two decades, improved soft tissue anchors and arthroscopic procedures have reduced the necessity of traditional open procedures.

   However, these procedures can still play a vital role in the surgical management of this condition. Naturally, there are numer

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Residents Rumble In Online Competition

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   For a few Tuesday nights out of the year, podiatric residents across the country will compete with fellow residents in other programs to test their knowledge. The game is not Jeopardy but the Residency Challenge, also known as the Residency Rumble, an academic tournament wherein residents from 76 programs draw upon their knowledge to answer questions on all aspects of podiatry.

   The brainchild of Podiatric Residency Education Services Network (PRESENT), these Tuesday night Web-based programs will occur four times a year, according to PRESENT CEO Alan Sherm