One would pull the yellow platelet poor plasma (as seen above) off the platelet “pellet.” Then you would mix the remaining platelets with a small amount of the platelet poor plasma to create the autologous platelet concentrate (APC+).
The author prefers making a “hockey stick” incision that begins approximately 6 cm superior and posterior to the distal tip of the fibula and extends to the base of the fifth metatarsal.
Organizers of PRESENT now offer the Residency Challenge, an online competition that allows podiatry residents to compete with other residents across the country.
Plantar heel pain among athletes is usually due to overuse and poor biomechanics. However, traumatic causes, such as a baseball player coming down too hard on first base, can occur.
In this photo, surgeons have performed a release of the abductor fascia. One can clearly see the abductor and short flexor muscle belly. The plantar fascia is still intact.