Volume 17 - Issue 8 - August 2004

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Unveiling The Top Ten Innovations

By Jeff Hall, Editor-in-Chief | 8537 reads | 0 comments

Intriguing new treatments and devices abound in this yearly review. We take a closer look at promising therapies for diabetic neuropathy and osteoarthritis of the ankle. Wound care specialists weigh in on new approaches to optimizing wound beds and closing stubborn wounds. Podiatric surgeons discuss time-saving devices for facilitating tendon transfers and leading voices in biomechanics offer their respective takes on a helpful orthotic modification, a re-emerging pediatric orthotic and a new athletic shoe that is generating a lot of buzz.
Without further delay, here is what the experts had t

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Staying On A First Name Basis With Professionalism

By John McCord, DPM | 3905 reads | 0 comments

I enjoyed finally being able to see patients in my third year of podiatry school. The college clinic was clogged with students in white coats and a few patients. Most students were considered fortunate if they cared for one patient on a typical clinic day.
I always dragged neighbors from my East Cleveland apartment complex where I worked as a night maintenance man. While I fixed their appliances and unclogged their plumbing, I always inquired about any foot problems. I usually saw at least five patients every clinic day.
Since I developed my rapport with these patients as neighbors, they add

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Why We Shouldn't Overlook Psychosocial Issues In Patients With Diabetes

By Thomas Zgonis, DPM, and Gary Peter Jolly, DPM | 9630 reads | 0 comments

Diabetes mellitus is said to be a disorder of glucose metabolism, but it can be so much more for those individuals who have the disease and the families with whom they share their lives. The sequelae of diabetes involve vascular changes in the large and small vessels, and produce disorders of the retina, the kidneys and the coronary arteries, not to mention the peripheral vascular tree. While serum glucose management is critical, it is only one part of the total picture in managing patients with diabetes.
In order to adequately protect the patient from the ravages of diabetes, a well-integrat

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Recognizing And Treating Insect Bites And Stings In Athletes

By Mark A. Caselli, DPM | 9762 reads | 0 comments

Stinging insects and ticks can cause problems for athletes who participate in outdoor sports or activities. At the very least, these stings or bites can lead to itchy and irritating skin conditions. On the more extreme end, these stings or bites may lead to serious anaphylactic reactions or Lyme disease. Therefore, it is important for sports medicine practitioners to recognize the potential conditions and dangers that may come from these insect bites and stings, and know how to institute appropriate treatment.
Stinging insects belong to the order Hymenoptera, which includes bees, wasps and st

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Key Insights On Prescribing Orthoses For Dress Shoes And Sandals

Guest Clinical Editor: Lawrence Huppin, DPM | 12521 reads | 0 comments

With summer in full swing, more and more patients are moving from the rigidity of dress shoes into the comfort of sandals. Fitting orthotics into both types of footwear has its own unique challenges as the sizes of each vary and the amount of control is also different between shoe types. With this in mind, our expert panelists offer pearls on how they alter orthotic prescriptions for dress shoes or sandals.

Q: What are important concepts to keep in mind when prescribing orthoses for women’s dress shoes?
Lawrence Huppin, DPM, says patient education is of paramount importance

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Resolving Skin Conditions

3602 reads | 0 comments

Are you looking for one cream that can combat several skin conditions?
Salex™ Cream may be just what your patients need. It utilizes 6% salicylic acid to fight hyperkeratotic skin disorders, such as keratosis plantaris, ichthyosis and psoriasis, according to Healthpoint, the product’s manufacturer.

The cream helps facilitate the removal of excess keratin and the company also notes that the product has a new Multivesicular Emulsion System (MVE). This MVE technology aids in hydration, lubrication and improving blood flow in the skin.
For your patients’ comfort, Salex i

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