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A Closer Look At Key Treatment Strategies

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Dr. Mozena: When I present my treatment plan for onychomycosis to the patient, I always present a step-wise progression with six different options. We can ignore it, debride it, provide surgical treatment, use topical medications, use oral medications or employ combination therapy.
The first option is ignore it. What are the consequences of ignoring onychomycosis? Well, obviously, there are psychological concerns and there are pain issues to consider. Onychomycosis is not only contagious to ourselves, it’s contagious to others.
The second option is debridement. When we talk about

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Treating Onychomycosis In Patients With Diabetes

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Dr. Armstrong: Diabetes is becoming far more common both in the developed and the developing world. By the year 2025, there will be at least 300 million people worldwide with diabetes. People are living longer with diabetes thanks to many advances in diabetes care and improvement in care by primary, secondary and tertiary care physicians. They are also living longer with complications and one of the most significant complications in diabetes is the diabetic foot.
We know the most common reason for hospitalization among people with diabetes is not for high blood sugar or a stroke or a h