Volume 26 - Issue 7 - July 2013

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Understanding How The Lateral Ankle Triad Comes Into Play With Chronic Ankle Instability

Babak Baravarian, DPM, and Lindsay Mae Chandler, DPM | 4003 reads | 0 comments

One of the most commonly encountered musculoskeletal injuries and possibly the most common injury in sports is the lateral ankle sprain. Current estimates suggest that one out of 10,000 people per day sustains an inversion ankle sprain with lateral ankle sprains accounting for 85 percent of all ankle sprains.1-3

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New Products July 2013

1780 reads | 0 comments

Podiatrists may want to take a closer look at a new approach to skin grafting to help close acute and chronic wounds.

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Laser Offers Improved Results For Onychomycosis

Danielle Chicano, Editorial Associate | 1004 reads | 0 comments

Are you looking for a fast, effective and drug-free way to increase clear nails in patients with onychomycosis?

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The End Of The Beginning: An Overview Of My Residency Years

Camille Ryans, DPM | 1160 reads | 0 comments

It is truly amazing how fast time seems to go by. Three years ago, it was unimaginable that my residency training would feel so short-lived. After surviving years of undergraduate and graduate school, I initially perceived the start of residency to be like another marathon rather than a sprint. I could not have been more wrong and another finish line is approaching at light speed.